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My Thoughts On KHBBS(Possible Spoilers)

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#1 Kratos4028



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Posted 27 October 2009 - 04:10 PM

Ok from what I read so far I've tried to put this together, I'm not saying I'm 100% for sure here but this is what I have came up with so far.

Vanitas is DiZ aka Ansem(I'll refer to him as DiZ to not confuse him with Ansem, Xehanort's Heartless). I've came up with this because of how Vanitas is alot like Riku in fighting stance and seeing how they both have this similar dark power, might explain how DiZ helped him with the whole in between "darkness" and "light" because he would know from experience. Vanitas isn't completely dark nor light either because Master Xehanort and Terra are discussing about Vanitas's possible fall into darkness. Also another time Master Xehanort tells an unseen figure to "defeat the darkness" and "correct his mistake", while gesturing towards Vanitas. So Vanitas has been in both light and dark like Riku, and since DiZ helped Riku with this, like I said possibly because he has been through it himself. Might explain why DiZ knew so much about Heartless and Kingdom Hearts because he learned it from Master Xehanort.

Also the unseen figure that Master Xehanort talked to that I mention earlier is most likely Terra which leads to something else that I wanted to mention. Terra from appearance and other things is most likely Xehanort DiZ's(aka Ansem's) apprentice. It says that Xehanort had no memory of the Keyblade War and before that, so what I think is that DiZ took him after his memory loss or whatever and told him that he was Xehanort and such and made him his apprentice. Also Terra's eyes turn yellow at the end of Birth By Sleep trailer(secret movie in KH2 Final Mix). And Xemnas(Xehanort's Nobody) has been shown talking to what looks like Aqua's armor refering to it as "friend". Just alittle something that I looked at that I thought was alittle interesting is Terra means "earth" in Latin, and if you break down Xehanort and take out the "X" you can get "no earth" along with "no heart" and "another"(and I know that Riku means "land" and like how Sora's and Ven's names mean about the same along with Kairi's and Aqua's names mean the same I'm just saying it could be hinting something towards Xehanort also).

Now like I said I'm not a 100% about any of this, It's just alittle speculation that I have that I thought I might share.
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Posted 27 October 2009 - 04:15 PM

diz would be too old to be vanitas even 10 years before kh.

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#3 Final Versus

Final Versus


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Posted 08 November 2009 - 05:08 PM

You know the scar on Xigbar's face? Its possible he could have gotten that from Ven considering that scene in 358/2 days where he sees Ven (really Xion) roll up to him. He mentions something about him and then gets knocked out. He might have gotten the scar when he was a person and then turned into a nobody because Ven killed him but I'm not entirely sure.

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