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FF versus XIII Subbed not Dubbed

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Posted 07 February 2012 - 02:48 AM

I wanted to start this topic to see how many people would agree with me that Final Fantasy Versus XIII should just be subbed not dubbed.
Japanese games always sound better in Japanese then they do in English. The emotion just doesn't come across like it does in Japanese.
For example when a character is supposed be cute like the moogle in FFXIII-2 it just sounds annoying and whiny in English.
And Saying kupo after every sentence in English just doesn't work. But that's not even that important. The characters in general just sound better in Japanese.
I don't know why they Dub it anyway. If you can read English why do you need English voices imo it would be cheaper just to sub.
No English voice-actors to pay for no lip syncing for the English version. The voices in English mostly sound and fit average at best.
With the exception of FFX wich did work but still wasn't as good as the original voices. I would prefer this with every Japanese game.
What does anyone else think?
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