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#1 final-bahamut


    Bahamut the Rebooter

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Posted 19 February 2004 - 09:27 AM


Male character:
Female character:
Mini Game:

* * * *

--game: ffix

--male character: vivi (ix)

--female character: ashe (xii)

--NPC: brahne (ix)

--place: frontier village dali (ix) + Nibelheim (vii)

--spell: flare (ix)

--summon: bahamut (ix)

--mini game: "Chocobo Hot and Cold" (ix)

--villain: kefka (vi)

--enemy: cactuar - the dumbest looking enemy yet a hard one.

--weapon: lionheart (viii)

--FMV: FMV scene between Bahamut and Alexander (ix)

--music: celes theme (vi) + dali theme (ix)

--signature move: omnislash

--boss: ruby weapon (vii)

--area: northern crater (vii)


--couple: tifa -- cloud

--moogle: stilzskin (ix)

--transportational vehicle: ragnarok (viii)

--jobs: black mage

--item: phoenix down

--species: chocobo click me!!

--weapon type: staff

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#2 vv



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Posted 19 February 2004 - 09:50 AM

Game: FFVI and FFVII
Male character: Locke- Not the usual hero type, but I guess thieves are valiant too xD
Female character: Yuffie the legendary materia hunter
Non-Playable Character: Reno from 'The Turks'
Chocobo: Tehios black one
Place: Midgar
Spell: Ultima and Meteor from FFVII
Summon: Bahamut or Atomos
Mini Game: 'Teach Mog how to fly' game at Gold Sacuer and the 'Battle Arena'
Villain: Sephiroth
Enemy: Haha, Cactuars!!
Weapon: Squalls Gunblade was cool as hell
FMV: FFVII opening FMV
Music: To Zanarkand, Aeris Theme and Bran Bal- The soulless village
Limit: Tidus Blitzace
Boss: Gi Nattak! Throw a Phoenix Down and he's dead xD
Area: Shin-Ra HQ
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#3 Admiral Fouldog

Admiral Fouldog

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Posted 19 February 2004 - 12:18 PM

Game: FFV, FFVII and FFX
Male character: Cid Highwind-He's old, rich and swears a lot
Female character: Tifa-...For all the right reasons
Non-Playable Character: Gilgamesh
Chocobo: Dark Blue or Black
Place: Luca(FFX)
Spell: Meteor and Flare
Summon:: Bahamut
Mini Game: "Blitzball" (FFX)
Villain: Golbez-For being a cool badass.
Enemy: Varuna-Not tough, just looks really cool.
Weapon: Cloud's Apocalypse.
FMV: "Zanarkand" from FFX- Otherworld kicks ass, and it just looked amazing
Music: "Otherworld" from FFX
Limit: Omnislash-because it's so freakishly powerful.
Boss: Shinryu(FFV), Wyvern(FFIV)
Area: Desert Temple(FFV), Moon Core(FFIV), Forest of the Ancients(FFVII)

#4 FF Freak

FF Freak


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Posted 19 February 2004 - 12:43 PM

Game: Final Fantasy VII!
Male Character: Vincent.
Female Character: Rinoa.. (She was just lovly..)
Non-Playable Character: Rufus
Chocobo: Gold Chocobo, from Final Fantasy IX.. (so cool how they could fly!!!)
Place: Gold Saucer..
Spell: Ultima..
Summon: Bahamut and KOTR.
Mini Game: Chocobo Hot And Cold!
Villain: Kefka!
Enemy: Goblins! (So cool)
Weapon: Death Penalty..
FMV: Final Fantasy VIII Opening Movie!
Music: Eyes On Me and Melodies Of Life.. (I didn't know which one I liked more!)
Limit: Vincent: Chaos..
Boss: All the weapons from Final Fantasy VII. (What? I like a challenge ;) )
Area: 7th Heaven Pub.. Final Fantasy VII..

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#5 NeoCetra



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Posted 19 February 2004 - 12:56 PM

Male character: Cloud
Female character: Aeris or Yuffie
Non-Playable Character: Beatrix
Chocobo: Black
Place: Nibelheim or Wutai
Spell: Bolt 3/Thundaga or Comet 2
Summon: Bahamut
Mini Game: The bike one
Villain: Elena
Enemy: Bomb
Weapon: Murasame
FMV: FFVII opening FMV
Music: Highwind Theme
Limit: Omnislash or Blade Beam
Boss: Ultima Weapon
Area: Round Island

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#6 Freakyboy



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Posted 19 February 2004 - 01:02 PM

Game: FFX and Kingdom Hearts
Male character: Vivi
Female character: Quistis and Rikku
Non-Playable Character: Cloud in KH
Chocobo: dunno
Place: Maybe Luca, it's an amazing city
Spell: Flare and Haste
Summon: Shiva!!!
Mini Game: skipping! :)
Villain: Edea
Enemy: Tonberry
FMV: Either the fighting scene in Alexandria by Bahamut and Alexander or KH's intro
Music: To Zanarkand, the"win" theme in FFVIII and Besaid theme
Limit/Overdrive: Shiva's Overdrive in FFX
Boss: Master Tonberry

#7 DarkRiku



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Posted 19 February 2004 - 04:34 PM

Game: FFIX and FFVII
Male character: Cloud
Female character: Tifa and Dagger
Non-Playable Character: Sephiroth
Chocobo: ehhh pah! moogie :P
Moogle: Mog - his thingie on the head is yellow and he is a cool summon
Place: Niebelheim - Cloud`s and Sephy`s hometown doh
Spell: Ultima and Holy - Dark and Light
Summon:: Bahamut - Dragons! noble creatures
Mini Game: FFVII biking - I never were really into minigames
Villain: Sephiroth
Weapon: Sephiroth`s Masamume
Weapon: FFVII: Ruby Weapon
FMV: FFVII - Aerith`s downfall
Music: FFIX - "Your Not Alone"
Villain Theme: FFVII - Sephiroths theme
Limit: Omnislash - You kill Sephiroth with it and looks damn neat
Boss: Kuja`s Silver Dragon
Area: FFVII: Costa Del Sol
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#8 Jade



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Posted 19 February 2004 - 05:07 PM

Game: FFIX
Male character: Squall and Zidane. ^_^
Female character: Dagger
Non-Playable Character: Kuja
Chocobo: Uhm... I liked Choco from IX?
Place: Treno
Spell: Ultima and Holy
Summon:: Anima
Mini Game: Don't know... I hate mini games...
Villain: Kuja
Enemy: Dunno
Weapon: Squall's gunblade
FMV: So hard to choose... I liked the Alexander scenes in 9, the parade scenes in 8, and the metropolis scene in 10.
Music: Kuja's theme
Limit: Rinoa's dog tricks, because I named it "Poochie" :D
Boss: Seymour Natus
Area: don't know
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#9 LaCroix



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Posted 19 February 2004 - 05:25 PM

Game: FFIX and FFVII or KH
Male character: Vincent
Female character: Aeris or Garnet
Non-Playable Character:
Chocobo: Chance. No specific Chocobo.. ususally yellow or gold. I just liked the name i gave it in ff7.
Moogle: Stiltzkin... the nomadic moogle. Go him and his quest for life!
Place: Kalm, because i'd like to live thre someday... Possibly Black Mage village. Or Nibelheim.
Spell: Water (highest level) FFIX.
Summon:: Bahamut - Dragons! noble creatures
Mini Game: skipping w/ Vivi.
Villain: Sephiroth (Kuja is close)
Enemy: Valkorados (FF7) or big green dragons from FFIX
Weapon: Sephiroth`s Masamume
Weapon: FFVII: Ultimate. Easy to beat but still gives me shivers when it lands in mideel.
FMV: FFVII - Aerith`s downfall... OR the airship chase in FFIX when Vivi witnesses the black mages falling over the edge. Actually any from FFIX fit the bill, those cutscenes rocked! Alternatively the end of KH.
Music: FFIX - "Your Not Alone", Aeris theme. Highwind. Black mage village.
Villain Theme: FFVII - Kujas Theme & Sephys theme... i can't choose!
Limit: Chaos or Beatrix' various limits.
Boss: *not invluding main boss battles* Demons Gate (dunno why), Rufus and any Turk battles.

heres a new one: favourite scene that is dialogue reliant (ie not Aeris' death) and why....

mine is FFIX at the start of, i believe disc 3, involving the love letter from eiko to zidane and the farcical scene that ensues w/ steiner and beatrix.
Just because i just read 12th night and watched much ado about nothing. The scene is a shakespearian comedy of ,istaken identity and farce. Shakespeare in a game... faaaantastic!

love story: Cloud & Aeris/ Vincent & Lucrecia (tragic love)/ Beatrix & steiner!

#10 Xin



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Posted 19 February 2004 - 07:59 PM

+ game -- final fantasy x + final fantasy x-2

+ male character -- auron

+ female character -- yuna

+ non-playable character -- sephiroth

+ chocobo -- gold chocobo ffix

+ place -- luca + lindblum

+ spell -- ultima ffix

+ summon -- bahamut ffx

+ mini game -- blitzball

+ villain -- maester seymour

+ enemy -- cactuar

+ weapon -- brotherhood

+ fmv -- ffx ending + ffx-2 reunion + ffix kuja destroys bran bal

+ music -- movement in green + bran bal, the soulless village

+ limit -- auron's tornado

+ boss -- emerald weapon

+ area -- farplane glen + memoria

+ favorite couple -- tidus + yuna

+ favorite moogle -- stiltzkin

+ favorite transportational vehicle -- highwind

+ jobs -- dark knight & mascot

+ item -- tent

+ species -- moomba

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#11 xPepsi



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Posted 20 February 2004 - 06:52 AM

Game: VIII ! ^_^
Male character: Zell !
Female character: Rinoa..
Non-Playable Character: A chocobo?
Chocobo: Err.. A cute one?
Place: Balamb Garden..
Spell: Ultima & Full-life.. Used full life alot.. >_<
Summon: Phoenix or Shiva..
Mini Game: Blitzball !
Villian: Seifer.. Tehehe..
Enemy: Cactuar or Tonberry.. kute little turtle with a knife..
Weapon: Lionheart
FMV: The dance in VIII
Music: Anything from VIII.. Eyes on me.. Fisherman's horizon.. Silence and motion..maybe I'm a lion.. Ride on..
Limit: Yuna's.. X Helpful Aeons..
Boss: Ulti ..
Area: Cactuar Island... ^_^

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#12 Ido_Alpha_Omega


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Posted 20 February 2004 - 07:11 AM

Game: FFVII and Tactics
Male character: Cloud
Female character: Aeris and Selphie
Non-Playable Character: Sephiroth, Balbanes Beoulve(Heavenly Knight!)
Chocobo: Gold and Red
Place: Midgar
Spell: Shadow Flare
Summon: Meteor and Supernova
Mini Game: All of the ones in FFVII
Villain: Sephiroth
Enemy: Zombie Dragon
Weapon: Apocalypse(FFVII) and Buster Sword
FMV: FFVII Opening... the music is just so perfect for it
Music: One Winged Angel
Limit: Omnislash
Boss: Seraph Sephiroth
Area: Midgar

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#13 Jinxy



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Posted 20 February 2004 - 07:43 AM

Male character: Cloud
Female character: Tifa
Non-Playable Character: Jessie, FF:VII
Chocobo: Boku, FF:V
Place: Midgar
Spell: Death
Summon:: Ifrit, FF:X version
Mini Game: The moogle tactical battle in FF:VI
Villain: Sephiroth
Enemy: Kuja
Weapon: Buster Sword
FMV: The whole ending for FF:IX
Music: N/A
Limit: Final Cut
Boss: Savior Sephiroth
Area: N/A

#14 DarkRiku



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Posted 20 February 2004 - 01:54 PM

Favorite Couple: Cloud and Tifa / Dagger and Zidane close up
Favorite Moogle: Mog
Favorite Transportational Vehicle: Oh how much I hate admitting it, Ragnarok...but I still hate FFVIII :P
Jobs: Black Mage and Ninja
Item: Phoenix Down
Species: Moogles and Dragons
Weapon Type: Sword
Most Annoying Character: Selphie / Rinoa

Edited by DarkRiku, 20 February 2004 - 01:55 PM.

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I keep running, falling till I reach the water. Ill tear my very soul to make you mine.

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#15 Selphie



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Posted 23 February 2004 - 12:40 AM

Male character: Seifer.
Female character: Selphie
Non-Playable Character: The turks in FF7.
Chocobo: Normal ones are fine with me.
Place: Trabia, Cactuar Island, Bikanel Island, Midgar.
Spell: Blizzard ones, Holy, Ultima.
Summon:: Cactuar.
Mini Game: Hmm... i dunno.
Villain: Hm. Not sure.
Enemy: Cactuars. So cute.
Weapon: I love Selphie's nunchaku's.
FMV: FFVIII opening, FFX ending, FFVIII ending...
Music: "Where I Belong"-FF8, "Suteki da Ne"-FFX.
Limit: Lionheart[Squall] The End[Selphie], Omnislash[Cloud], Mix [Rikku].
Boss: Shrug.
Area: Cactuar Island.

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