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The best from the rest

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#31 finalfantasyfreak



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Posted 21 April 2004 - 06:39 PM

Place:Zanarkan Ruins
MG: Card/Blitzball
Weapon: Lionheart
FMV: Ending of X
Music:" The Final Battle"
Limit: Tornado
Place: Luca

I think that these are a good selection

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#32 Dweebo



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Posted 25 April 2004 - 12:57 AM

Game: FFX
Male character: Auron
Female character: Rikku :blush:
Non-Playable Character: Sephiroth
Chocobo: Original Yellow
Place: Besaid Isle
Spell: Ultima
Summon: Bahamut/Anima
Mini Game: Blitzball
Villain: Seymour? lol
Enemy: Silver Knight (The dude at the Thunder Plains in FFX)
Weapon: Buster Sword
FMV: Scene where Tidus and Yuna make-out at the Macalia Woods.
Music: Song of the Faith! Haha
Limit: Auron's Last one.
Boss: Ultima Weapon
Area: Macalania Woods

#33 Heavens Cloud

Heavens Cloud

    Impossible To Gauge

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Posted 25 April 2004 - 03:44 AM

Game: FFII
Male character: Cloud
Female character: Tifa ^_^
Non-Playable Character: sephiroth
Chocobo: Black
Place: luca
Spell: Fire 3 (all games)
Summon: bahamut
Mini Game: basketball (FFVII)
Villain: sephiroth
Enemy: Ultima weapon
Weapon: Heavens Cloud
FMV: starting on FFII
Music: FFVII (all of it)
Limit: Omni slash
Boss: sephitroth
Area: mideel
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#34 M J Maranan

M J Maranan


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Posted 03 May 2004 - 05:27 AM

Here are my favorites in the genre of the Final Fantasy saga:
Game: Final Fantasy VII
Story: Final Fantasy VI
Male character: Cloud Strife
Female character: Tifa Lockhart
Non-Playable Character: General Leo
Annoying character: Tidus
Chocobo: Gold
Place: Gold Saucer
Spell: Lightning
Summon: Knights of the Round
Mini Game: Chocobo Racing
Villain: Kefka
Enemy: Master Tonberry
Weapon: Cloud Strife's Crystal Sword
FMV: Final Fantasy VII ending scene
Music: Interrupted by Fireworks (Hanabi)
Limit: Omnislash
Boss: Final Showdown between Cloud and Sephiroth
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#35 Stealth_Kkj



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Posted 03 May 2004 - 06:24 PM

I can't do all the others cause I've only played FFX. but my fav fmv's from it is Zanarkand(at the beginning) and This is it! This is it was like a perfect scene.

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#36 hodenken



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Posted 03 May 2004 - 09:15 PM

Best character:Vivi
Male character:Squall
Female character:Rinoa
Non-Playable Character:Sephiroth
Summon:Fat Chocobo (FFVII)
Mini Game:Motorbike game (FFVII)
Music:FFVII boss battle song
Boss:Omega weapon

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#37 BLackJack



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Posted 05 May 2004 - 11:35 AM

Game: Final Fantasy VI / Final Fantasy VIII
Male character: Setzer Gabbiani / Squall Leonhart
Female character: Freya Crescent
Non-Playable Character: Seifer Almasy
Chocobo: yellow is fine with me.
Place: Balamb (the town not the garden)
Spell: Poision/Bio
Summon: Leviathan
Mini Game: Triple Triad
Villain: Kuja / Kefka
Enemy: TonBerry
Weapon: Fixed Dice!
FMV: Final Fantasy VIII intro
Music: Oprea music from FFVI, Eyes On Me, Melodies of Life
Limit: Lionheart
Boss: Ultros
Area: Macalania Woods

Favorite Couple: Squall & Rinoa / Tidus & Yuna
Favorite Moogle: N/A
Favorite Transportational Vehicle: Setzers' first Airship.
Jobs: Lancer/Dragoon/Dragon Knight whichever you perfer.
Item: Elixer
Species: Human?
Weapon Type: Dice/Cards/Spear
Most Annoying Character: Rikku

#38 aryannrhod



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Posted 08 May 2004 - 04:47 PM

Game: Final Fantasy X
Male character: Tidus
Female character: Yuna
Non-Playable Character: They're Non-playable.. come on
Chocobo: Chocobos in FFX2
Place: Besaid
Spell: Blizzaga
Summon: Shiva
Mini Game:
Villain: Seymour
Enemy: Kuja
Weapon: Diamond Dust
FMV: Any of them..
Music: Final Fantasy X

#39 Final Fantasy X(-2) Fan

Final Fantasy X(-2) Fan


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Posted 11 May 2004 - 11:28 PM

game: FFX
Character: Auron ( FFX)
villian: Sephiroth and Sin (FFX and FF7)
Music: to Zanarkind ( FFX)
Limit/Overdrive: Ominslash and the last ones of Tidus and Wakka (FFX and FF7)
Summon: Anima/ Valifor (FFX)
Place: Zanarkind/Besiad (FFX)
Chocobo's: FFX ( FFX :) )
Weapon: Musamae ( Auron FFX), Musamae ( Sephiroth FF7), Ultima Weapon ( Cloud FF7), Buster Sword ( Cloud FF7)
Magic Attack: Full Life and Doublecast (from FFX)
Mini Game: MONSTER ARENA ( FFX; the best one ever made )
Battle System: FFX, FF7, and FFX-2

Basically I like everything from FFX, FFX-2, and FF7! :D
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#40 Sweet Mussimmhunae

Sweet Mussimmhunae


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Posted 17 May 2004 - 12:36 PM

Game: IX
Male character: Edgar.... damn!
Female character: Quistis
Non-Playable Character: Beatrix (above Quistis, don't know if she counts as playable) Actually, she could take out the whole "favourites" section for me
Chocobo: Choco Roco
Place: Alexandria is beautiful, with Alexander and all, also the Moonflow
Spell: Holy
Summon: Shiva, in every game
Mini Game: Hot and Cold was the most bearable, but I find most quite tedious
Villain: Kefka
Enemy: Dracozombies
Weapon: Save the Queen (the whip and the sword)
FMV: End of IX, or anything with Edgar
Music: Rose of May (Beatrix's theme)
Limit: Grand Lethal
Boss: Ultros (aka "Uncle Ulty")

#41 tetsuda



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Posted 17 May 2004 - 11:39 PM

Game: Final Fantasy IX
Male character: Zidane
Female character: Tifa
Non-Playable Character: Dr. Tot
Chocobo: Black (named Stelth)
Place: Deguerro, Treno, or Lindblum
Spell: Imp
Summon: Yojimbo or Knights of the Round
Mini Game: Tetra Master
Villain: Sephiroth
Enemy: Tonberry
Weapon: Dagger (FFIX)
FMV: Liberi Fatali
Music: Ooo toughy...um...Rose of May
Limit: Omnislash
Boss: The Iifa tree (just toss an elixer...ladeeda)
Area: Besaid


#42 King Kayne

King Kayne


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Posted 22 May 2004 - 06:26 AM

Game: Final Fantasy VI
Male character: Locke - Because he can "Steal" and he is better then Zidane
Female character: Yuffie - Because she can "Steal"and she is better then Zidane
Non-Playable Character: Wedge - Final Fantasy VII
Chocobo: Black Chocobo - Named Theif because he "Steal's" first place
Place: Luca
Spell: Fire 3 - Final Fantasy VII
Summon: Anima
Mini Game: All of the Golden Saucer Mini Games. They Rock.
Villain: Sephiroth
Enemy: Bandits - Because they "Steal"
Weapon: ANY BAD ASS Sword
FMV: When they are sliding down the ropes in Final Fantasy X
Music: Aries Theme
Limit: OmniSlash
Boss: Ozma so damn hard got to love it
Area: Calm Lands - Final Fantasy X-2

#43 Johnny_J



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Posted 22 May 2004 - 07:32 AM

Game --> Final Fantasy X-2

Story Line --> Final Fantasy 7

Male Character --> Squall Leonhart, or Vincent Valentine

Female Character
--> Yuffie, or Rikku.

Non Playable Character --> Delita from Final Fantasy Tactics, or Gippal from Final Fantasy X-2

Chocobo --> Boko from Final Fantasy V

Place --> Treno ( From Final Fantasy XI ), Alexanderia ( From Final Fantasy XI ), Lindblum ( From Final Fantasy XI ), Memoria ( Final Fantasy XI ), Niblheim ( From Final Fantasy VII ), Moonflow ( From Final Fantasy X, and X-2 )

Spell --> Ultima ( Final Fantasy VII ), Holy ( Final Fantasy XI ), Flare ( Final Fantasy XI ), The Break Materia magic ( Final Fantasy VII )

Summon --> Diablos ( Final Fantasy VIII ), Anima ( Final Fantasy X ), Shiva ( Final Fantasy X ), Atomos ( Final Fantasy XI )

Mini Game --> Battle Arena in the Golden Saucer ( Final Fantasy VII )

Villain --> Kuja ( Final Fantasy XI ), Sephiroth ( Final Fantasy VII )

Enemy --> Behemoths... Those are complete asses.

Weapon --> The Daggers the thief dress sphere uses ( Final Fantasy X-2 )

FMV --> 1000 words FMV ( Final Fantasy X-2 ), Aeris's death scene ( Final Fantasy VII ), The battle of Alexandria ( Final Fantasy XI ), the melodies of life FMV ( Final Fanasy XI )

Music --> 1000 words ( Final Fantasy X-2 ), To Zanarkand ( Final Fantasy X ), Those who fight further ( Final Fantasy VII ), The Landing ( Final Fantasy VIII ), Garnets Theme ( Final Fantasy XI )

Limit Break --> Selphie's " The End " ( Final Fantasy VIII ), Yuffie's " All Creation. " ( Final Fantasy VII ), Cloud's " Omnislash " ( Final Fantasy VII )

--> Yunalesca ( Final Fantasy X ), Safer Sephiroth ( Final Fantasy VII ), Trance Kuja ( Final Fantasy XI ), Black Waltz No. 1 ( Final Fantasy XI )

--> Underwater ( Final Fantasy VII ), Space ( Final Fantasy VIII )

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#44 Eyes on me

Eyes on me

    Broken Lullaby

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Posted 22 May 2004 - 08:14 PM

Game: Final Fantasy VIII
Male character: Squall
Female character: Rinoa
Non-Playable Character: Ellone
Chocobo: Golden
Place: Zanarkand
Spell: Curaga... And many others
Summon: Shiva from every FF... hihi
Mini Game: Chocobo Hot and Cold (FFIX)
Villain: Ultimecia
Enemy: Not a real favourite... Ehhh...
Weapon: That red pin wheel of Rinoa
FMV: Squall and Rinoa's dance! Yay!! The water scene of Yuna and Tidus!! So sweet!!!
Music: Eyes on me!! Woohoo!! Suteki da ne and also the song that was played during the dance in FVIII
Limit: Lionheart and Wishing Star and Full Cure
Boss: Edea
Area: The Balamb Garden... I now pronounce that as an area... :lol:



Favorite Couple: Squall & Rinoa... Cute!!
Favorite Moogle: Female one??? Pink...
Favorite Transportational Vehicle: Ragnarok... Oh yeah!!
Jobs: SeeD for life!!
Item: Phoenix down and all the potions kind... hihi
Species: Human? haha
Weapon Type: Pin Wheel
Most Annoying Character: Seymour

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#45 Clubby



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Posted 27 May 2004 - 03:59 PM

Game: IX
Male character: Zidane
Female character: Yuna
Non-Playable Character: Gippal
Chocobo: Golden
Place: Alexandria
Spell: Holy
Summon: Magus Sisters
Mini Game: Chocobo Digging
Villain: Ultimecia
Enemy: Ultemicia
Weapon: Excalibur
FMV: 1000 words
Music: 100 words
Limit: Rinoa's Wishing Star
Boss: Safer Sephiroth
Area: Alexandria area

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