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#61 Heavens Cloud

Heavens Cloud

    Impossible To Gauge

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Posted 23 August 2004 - 08:32 PM

Male character: Cloud
Female character: Tifa
Non-Playable Character: Zack
Chocobo: Black
Place: Luca
Spell: Firega
Summon: Bahamut
Mini Game: Chocobo hot & cold
Villain: Sephiroth
Enemy: Pug
Weapon: 'Heavens Cloud' from FFVII
FMV: Bahamut vs alexadria - FFIX
Music: Jenova
Limit: Omnislash
Boss: Sephitroth
Area: Wutai
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#62 ilovesunshine



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Posted 23 August 2004 - 08:58 PM

game -- (tie) Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX
male -- vivi
female -- aeris
non-playable -- hojo
chocobo -- gold
place -- (tie) Zirekile Falls and Zanarkand
spell -- ultima
summon -- bahamut ZERO
mini-game -- chocobo racing (ffx)
villain -- sephiroth
enemy -- sephiroth
weapon -- caladbolg
fmv -- when zanarkand is destroyed in ffx
music -- luca
limit -- omnislash
boss -- any zodiac monster from tactics
area -- Midgar
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#63 TheKingInYellow



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Posted 23 August 2004 - 09:32 PM

Game: FF7
Male: Cid Highwind
Female: Tifa Lockheart
Favorite Non-Playable: Biggs (FF7)
Chocobo: Black
Place: Haunted House-Gold Suacer
Spell: Blizzaga
Summon: Knight of The Round (FF7)
Favorite Mini-Game: Chocobo Hot or Cold
Villian: Sephiroth
Enemy: Zombie Dragon (FF7)
Weapon: Mop (Cid Highwind)
FMV: When Emerald Weapon desrtoys the Midgar Cannon
Music: Cosmo Canyon
Limit: Highwind
Boss: Red Jhnova
Area: The Crater
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#64 Binx



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Posted 10 September 2004 - 04:44 AM

Male: Squall (8)
Female: Yuffie (7)
Favorite Non-Playable: Sephiroth (7)
Chocobo: Yellow
Place: Nibelheim (7)
Spell: Hastega (10)
Summon: Bahamut (various)
Favorite Mini-Game: Triple Triad (8)
Villian: Sephiroth (7)
Enemy: Hedgehog Pie (various)
Weapon: Ragnorok (Cloud)
FMV: Bahamut vs. Alexander (9)
Music: One-Winged Angel (7)
Limit: Omni-Slash (Cloud)
Boss: Ultima Weapon (7)
Area: Midgar (7)

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#65 Rufus



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Posted 23 September 2004 - 10:25 PM

Male: Cloud (VII)
Female: Tifa (VII)
Favorite Non-Playable: Sephiroth (VII)
Chocobo: Gold
Place: Nibelheim (VII)
Spell: Bad Breath (VIII)
Summon: Odin (VIII)
Favorite Mini-Game: Highway Chase (VII)
Villian: Sephiroth (VII)
Enemy: Tonberry (Various)
Weapon: Ultima Weapon (Cloud, VII)
FMV: Enter Odin (IX)
Music: One-Winged Angel (VII)
Limit: Omni-Slash (Cloud, VII)
Boss: Safer Sephiroth (VII)
Area: Nibelheim Area (VII)

#66 Nimbus



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Posted 30 September 2004 - 12:49 AM

Game: FFVIII or FFIX Tough decision
Male character: Vivi He just seems so cool and innocent, but powerful
Female character: Probably Rinoa
Non-Playable Character: Does Blank count? If not, I'd go with Headmaster Cid
Chocobo: Yellow
Place: Balamb Garden and Alexandria
Spell: Reflect
Summon: Diablos
Mini Game: Chocobo Hot and Cold
Villain: Seifer
Enemy: Grand Dragon, the first hard enemy I ran into in FF9
Weapon: The good old gunblade
FMV: I really liked the opening fmv for FFVIII (with Seifer fighting Squall)
Music: You're Not Alone (the song that plays when Zidane is sad on Terra)
Limit: Trance
Boss: The poison guy you fight on the airship in FFX
Area: FF6 Field Map

#67 Sarena



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Posted 30 September 2004 - 01:07 AM

Game: FFVII or FFIX (Tie)
Male character: Cloud (FF7)
Female character: Garnet or Rinoa (they're both cool!) (FF8 FF9)
Non-Playable Character: No. 288 - The Black Mage that was friends with Vivi (FF9)
Chocobo: Yellow (FF8)
Place: Costa Del Sol (FF7)
Spell: Blizzaga (FF9)
Summon: Shiva (FFX)
Mini Game: Chocobo Racing (FF7)
Villain: Trance Kuja, he was the best in Terra! (FF9)
Enemy: Grand Dragon by Gizamaluke's Grotto (FF9)
Weapon: Cypress pile - Vivi's weapon (FF9)
Music: Melodies of Life or You're Not Alone (FF9)
Limit: Cait Sith's Dice Rolling (First Limit Break) (FF7)
Area: Shin-Ra's Mansion in Nebelheim

#68 MrPenguin



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Posted 30 September 2004 - 01:15 AM

final fantasy 7
the gold ones
gold saucer
battle arena from 7
sin (come on hes a giant frickin monster)
gunblade hands down
ff 8 opening
the opening of ff8
zells can't remember the name though
ultima weapon
chocobo forest

#69 Sutremaine



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Posted 30 September 2004 - 07:30 PM

Game: IX
Male character (playable): Auron, because he's cool.
Female character (playable): Faris, for being physically competent and fully dressed.
Non-Playable Character: *Tie* the old man who needs to take a dump but continues to wander aimlessly back and forth (IX, Lindblum). The old lady who tells you to go buy another game if you aren't enjoying this one (IX, Lindblum).
Most annoying: Rinoa, because she's whiny, clingy, brainless, and needs rescuing all the damn time.
Chocobo: Red Choco (IX), because he can get you all sorts of cool stuff the first time you go to the Forgotten Continent.
Place: *Tie* City Of The Ancients (VII), the entire area. It's atmospheric and the music's great. Gaia Cliff and Whirlwind Maze(VII). Maybe it's because you can only visit it once, or maybe because it marks a major turning point in the plot. Maybe it's the FMV which reveals the Northern Cave in all its desolate majesty.
Item: None really.
Spell: Ultima (VII). It deals huge amounts of damage, can be linked to a bunch of other materia for that extra bit of bloodthirsty fun, and it doesn't take forever to cast (a rarity in the FF series).
Summon: Anima, for having a wicked Overdrive and a special which will eventually deal 99,999 to ANY enemy in the game.
Mini Game: Monster Arena (X).
Villain: Kuja, for being unrepentantly evil and mostly sane.
Enemy: Touch Me (VII). Er, thanks but no thanks.
Weapon: Anything that’s way more powerful than what you’ve got currently equipped.
FMV: VIII and X’s openings. I love the way the water droplets rise up after Auron strides through the puddle.
Music: Liberi Fatali, One Winged Angel and Aeris’ Theme (both orchestral), Karnak/ Ship Graveyard BGM (V), Loss Of Me (IX), Terra BGM (IX), Temple Of The Ancients BGM (VII), Necron’s battle music, and a bunch of others too.
Limit: Banishing Blade (X). Where’s your 95% Break resistance now, huh?!
Boss: Bizarro Sephiroth. It's just an interesting fight.
Area: Wall Market, for being the wrongest and most funny hour in FF history. Sure, you could just put Cloud in the dress and the wig, but that's not entering into the spirit of the thing.
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#70 Guest_Thursday_*

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Posted 02 October 2004 - 08:11 AM

Game: Final Fantasy IV
Male character: Kefka Palazzo (FFVI)
Female character: Celes Chere (FFVI), Lulu (FFX)
Non-Playable Character: Cid (FFV)
Chocobo: Boko (FFV)
Place: Pandemonium Castle (FFII), Burmecia (FFIX), Guadosalam (FFX), Eshtar (FFVIII)
Spell: Water-elementary spells
Summon: Leviathan, Shiva
Mini Game: Tetra Master (FFIX)
Villain: Kuja, Kefka
Enemy: Enkidoh
Weapon: The Tower (FFIX), Caladbolg (FFX), Nirvana (FFX), Blood Sword (FFII)
FMV: Ending of FFVIII
Music: Terra's Theme (Orchestrated version, FFVI)
Limit: Vincent's Chaos
Boss: CPU (FFIV)
Area: The flying isles (FFIII)

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#71 lynm pahcuh

lynm pahcuh


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Posted 05 October 2004 - 05:13 PM

Game: FFX-2
Male character: Vivi
Female character: Rikku
Non-Playable Character: male; brother, female; (the girl hwo is camera women in X-2)
Chocobo: Choco (FFIX)
Place: Lindblum
Spell: Blaster (if you can count gun magic, if not then Break)
Summon: Magus sisters; Mindy
Mini Game: Tetra Master
Villain: Queen Brahe (i think she would count)
Enemy: Machina Blitzer (one that shoots blitzballs, u fight on luca dock)
Weapon: Yuna's Samurai sword
FMV: Yuna's first apearence in FFX-2 (real yuna)
Music: Yuna's Theme
Limit: (if i had to choose then i would say a move , i dont know if its a limit) Great Whirl
Boss: the leader of the chocobo knights (former) , danm whats her name, it starts with L?
Area: MoonFlow


Other stuff.

faveroute couple: Rikku and Gippal :w00t: so you dont see it, but its still funny knowing.
faveroute moogle: Yuna/Tidus Memory moogle
fave transport: The Celcius (gullwings airship)
Jobs: Trainer, Songstress
Item: Catnip (9999 damage when in yellow health, equipment)
Species: Hypello Posted Image and Shoopuff Posted Image
Wepon type: Sword

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#72 Oi, You!

Oi, You!


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Posted 09 October 2004 - 12:14 PM

Game: Final Fantasy VII and mildy IV
Male character: Cloud, what better choice is there, Squall? If your a woman who loves to love a moof.
Female character: I would have to say Tifa, she made me cry. Blood.
Non-Playable Character: Reno and Rude. Reno is the epitome of everything stylish, and Rude reminds me of my personality. Rude. Plus I love to get stoned with any spare cash.
Chocobo: Your average yellow chocobo is good enough for me.
Place: There was this pub in Junon, not the SOLDIER one, that one Rude was gambling in. I just liked the atmosphere.
Spell: Confuse, whatever game it was in, it managed to confuse me too.
Summon: Fat Chocobo. Weak, yet so abrupt it made me use it on Sephiroth.
Mini Game: The Snowboard Game.
Villain: Sephiroth, cunning, evil, wicked, manages to keep a straight face when being slammed into by a fat chocobo. That makes me respect him.
Enemy: I quite liked the idea of having a gutter sweeper as a challanging opponent. (outside Midgar)
Weapon: The Buster Sword. Cloud and Zack seem to have the uncanny ability to wield a sword that normally should require 2 hands at all times. Yet Cloud can swing it above his head without even the slightest sign of strain. Amazing.
FMV: Sephiroth tearing his mothers head off. It was a kodak moment.
Music: Gulug Volcano. It was a cameo piece too.
Limit: Omnislash was simply awe inspiring. Minutes after I saw Cloud do it, I grabbed a pole and mauled my neighbor to death. Attempting to immitate the same remorsless chain of sword swings since the butcher killed his last cow.
Boss: Palmer. I had a mate over when I beat him, and this mate never saw a final fantasy in his life. But now when he sees a truck, he just bursts out into laughter.
Area: Oh I loved the crater. Loved it.

#73 Shinobi



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Posted 31 October 2004 - 01:47 AM

Game: FFVII / FFIX *Tie*
Male character: Zidane
Female character (playable): Tifa <3
Non-Playable Character: Blank
Most annoying: Rinoa ( Do I really need a reason? )
Moogle: Mog ( Eiko's pet )
Town: Niebelheim (FFVII)
Place: Memoria (FFIX)
Item: None really.
Spell: Ultima
Summon: Yojimbo (FFX)
Mini Game: Snowboarding (FFVII)
Villain: Sephiroth
Enemy: Tonberry
Weapon: Masamune ( Sephiroth's)
FMV: Sephiroth in flames scene
Limit: Omnislash
Boss: Necron
Weapon(Boss): Ruby Weapon
Music: Terra(FFIX), You're Not Alone(FFIX) Dark Messenger(FFIX)
Theme's: Tantalus theme
Boss Music: FFIX

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#74 JackSkellington



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Posted 26 November 2004 - 04:59 PM

Game:FFVII,FFIX,FFX,FFX-2 (I couldnt just pcik one :'( )
Male character: Vincent
Female character: Yuffie
Non-Playable Character: Reno from the turks from FFVII
Chocobo: Black and Green
Place: Any of the places in FF9 I just loved the middle age mixed with future sort of feel they had.
Spell: Curaga hahaha
Summon: dang this is a tuffy.... buttt im gonna have to say Anima from FFX
Mini Game: Card Game in FF9 and chocob racing FF7
Villain: Sephiroth duhh
Enemy: The cactuars :D
Weapon: Ultima Weapon (isnt that clouds last weapon o.O)
FMV: When Alexandria and Bahamut fight from FF9
Music: Any FF actually
Limit: blehh dunnoo
Boss: /me shrugs
Area: Calm Lands


#75 Ryukin



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Posted 26 November 2004 - 06:09 PM

Game: FFVIIn IX, and I'm beginning to like VII
Male character: Cloud, Vincent, Auron
Female character: Lulu, Garnet, Tifa
Non-Playable Character:
Chocobo: Black
Place: Midgar... or Underwater in FFVII
Spell: Ultima, Thunder based magic
Summon: Shiva (in all FFs) and Bahamut
Mini Game: Card game (IX)
Villain: Seymour, Kuja, Sephiroth
Enemy: Ultima Weapon... or the big snake (VII)
Weapon: Ultima Weapon (VII), Brotherhood (X),
FMV: Opening to FFVIII, Battle at Alexandria (with the Bahamut), and all the Sin FMVs
Music: Battle Won, Boss Theme (VII), Opening to FFX (the piano song)
Limit: Omnislash, Cosmo Energy, Blitz (FFX, dunno if that's how it's called)
Boss: Sephiroth, Sin, Seifer (all S's xD )
Area: Midgar (VII), Ice Island (IX), Calm Lands (X)

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