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#91 The Unknown

The Unknown


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Posted 26 February 2005 - 11:00 PM

Game: FFTactics and FFVI
Male character: Locke, Ramza
Female character: Dagger (aka Garnet), Celes
Non-Playable Character:
Chocobo: FFV's Boko
Place: Alexandria
Spell: Holy
Summon: Beviathan, Bahamut
Mini Game: Card Games in FFVIII and FFIX
Villain: Kefka
Enemy: Marlboros (they keep life interesting)
Weapon: almost any of Auron's swords
FMV: Opening movie of FFVIII
Music: One Winged Angel
Limit: Tifa's
Boss: Kefka
Area: Ultimecia's Castle

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#92 ShadowZeal



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Posted 02 March 2005 - 05:16 AM

Game:Final Fantasy VII
Male character:Cloud
Female character:Yuna
Non-Playable Character:Sephiroth
Mini Game:Blitzeball
Enemy:anything that stones
FMV:opening movie of FFX
Music:Shinra Mansion
Limit:Cids 4th
Boss:Seymour on mt.Gagazet( :mad: )
Area:Calm lands Chocos on FFX were cool.
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#93 Laguna



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Posted 02 March 2005 - 09:25 PM

Male character: Laguna
Female character: Rinoa
Non-Playable Character: Seifer
Chocobo: Gold
Place: Winhill - Not just the town but the area around. Where Raine is buried
Spell: Meltdown and Aura
Summon: Ifrit and Greiver if that's counted
Mini Game: It's either the FFVIII card game or Blitzball from FFX
Villain: Ultemecia, the whole time thing..
Enemy: Ultima and Omega weapons on FFVIII because of the challenge
Weapon: Gundblade
FMV: The ending FMV of FFVIII with Laguna and Raine in the fields
Music: Any FFVIII that's chilled like Breezy
Limit: Lion Heart
Boss: Not too sure, there are quite a lot.. anything that creates a good challenge!
Area: Winhill Bluffs
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#94 LorD Rusty

LorD Rusty


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Posted 07 March 2005 - 04:13 PM

Game: FF7
Male character: Vincent
Female character: Celes
Non playable: Reno.......and beatrix.....hey they could make a good couple ^_^
Chocobo: Albino :P
Place: Icecle inn.....so pretty....and shiny
Spell: Cure
Summon: Alexander (got my name :P )
Minigame: anything at gold saucer
Villain: Sephiroth
Enemy: Malboro
Weapon: Gunblade
FMV: When all the weapons awaken
Music: FF7 boss music and one winged angel
Limit: Omnislash
Boss: Materia keeper (Its personal :mad: )
Area: Island closest to hell
Airship: Ragnarok

#95 Children Of Our Mothers

Children Of Our Mothers


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Posted 24 March 2005 - 02:38 PM

Male character: Tidus, he b the king!
Female character: Kimahri! hes a big furry pair of pants, loser
Non-Playable Character: Brother, hes just 2 dam good at blitz
Chocobo: Green, hes easy
Place: Rikku ;)
Spell: not a spell, but who cares... ANIMA!
Summon: Anima
Mini Game: Blitzball
Villain: KIMAHRI, i know hes not a villain, but hes so pants he should be one! cuz all the other FFX characters have a 'path' on the grid, but kimahri has to steal one! LOSER!
Enemy: emerald weapon, the second time i played FFVII thru, and the 1st time i went underwater in the submarine, i *screamed* i was crappin me pants, i beat im tho! HA!
Weapon: Caladbolg
FMV: The one where tidus dissappears at the end of FFX, so sad...
Music: Chocobo jive, FFIX
Limit: Oblivion, anima
Boss: seymour flux (from gagazet) cuz everyone except me n my homie luke think hes so hard... pump up on the overdrives before!!! (aeons too)
Area: Anywhere on FFVII, i like the graphics, they have a certain charm about them...

#96 Stealth_Kkj



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Posted 24 March 2005 - 06:36 PM

Female character: Kimahri! hes a big furry pair of pants, loser

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Kimahri is a male. :lol:

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#97 dpgunit_3087



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Posted 30 March 2005 - 01:55 AM

Game: IX
Male character: Squall
Female character: Rinoa
Non-Playable Character: Seifer(he fights with u at beginning but i dont count that)
Chocobo: Gold
Place: Dont hav 1
Spell: Ultima
Summon: Bahamut
Mini Game: Blitzball
Villain: Kuja
Weapon: Gunblade
FMV: The end of VIII
Music: One Winged Angel
Limit: Squall
Boss: Kuja
Area: Dont hav 1

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#98 cazzyrulz1992



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Posted 09 April 2005 - 05:23 PM

Game: Final Fantasy X
Male character: Tidus
Female character: Yuna
Non-Playable Character: Wakka (He-He)
Chocobo: One of the yellow variety
Place: Besaid Island
Spell: Holy (pwetty lites)
Summon: Shiva (from FFX)
Mini Game: training the chocobos in FFX (does that count as a mini-game?)
Villain: Seymour (phsyco!)
Enemy: The Magic Urn (It's so cute!)
Weapon: Squall (FFViii) gunblade- WICKED!
FMV: The ending of FFX
Music: Suteki Da Ne
Limit: Rinoa's Limit
Boss: Shuyin in FFX-2 (He-He)
Area: Macalania (Lot's happening there!)

#99 Wahaha



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Posted 18 April 2005 - 11:37 AM

Game: X, first on the ps2, best of all time:)
Male character: Vincent......he likes his sleep, i think we can all relate to that.....and i mean, come on, how many of us can honestly say there havent been times when we've wished we could transform into a vicious beast and tear things to shreds.....just me huh?? :(
Female character: The o so wonderful Yuna :D
Non-Playable Character: Sephiroth
Chocobo: Dunno
Place: Dunno
Spell: Casting holy on wakka
Summon: Bahamut
Mini Game: Blitzball.....consumed so much of my life, the least i could do is enjoy it
Villain: SEYMOUR!!!!!! (Why cant he just die >_< )
Enemy: Ahahahaha, malboros.....so evil....ooo wait....that snake, in ffvii....that does beta...EVIL
Weapon: The gunblade, seriously seriously wicked
FMV: Opening sequence of X-2.......Yuna's pretty :D :P :D
Music: Dark Messenger, FFIX (beats them all apparently)
Limit: Aurons Tornado.....he makes a tornado!!!!!!! (and has an explosive drink canister)
Boss: Seymour Omnis (cool music)
Area: Lightning temple (Djose, thats the one) place in X-2, where the machine faction are....cool music!!!

#100 Legato



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Posted 18 April 2005 - 11:48 AM

Game:VII and X-2
Male character:Tidus (more realistic person), Vincent (2nd)
Female character: Rikku (in X)
Non-Playable Character:Sephiroth! (he rules the world!!)
Place:Besaid, Winhill, (anywhere in Vll,Vlll,X....so peaceful)
Spell:Auto life (saved my ass too many times)
Summon:Anima,Valefor (come on he saves Yuna!)
Mini Game:raising chocobos
Villain: Seymore(just plain weird)
Enemy:Penance(sooo hard!!)
Weapon: Black,white magic
FMV: Endings of any final fantasy
Music:FFVII....all of them!
Limit: Rikku's mix
Boss: Shuyin (dont know why)
Area: Anywhere!!!

#101 Dez



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Posted 20 May 2005 - 01:15 PM

Characters: Cloud, Nanaki, Tifa
Non-Playable Character: Zack
Animal: Moogle
Place: Nibelheim
Spell: Auto-Life
Summon: Yojimbo
Mini Game: Snowboard game
Villain: Sephiroth
Enemy: Tonberry
Weapon: Swords/Masamume
FMV: Aeriths Fall
Music: All of FF VII + You're Not Alone from FFIX
Limit: Omnislash
Boss: Black Waltz
Area: Midgar

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#102 Guest_ffxluver_*

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Posted 20 May 2005 - 02:06 PM

Game:final fantasy x
Male character:tidus
Female character:rikku
Non-Playable Character:jecht
Chocobo:i dunno the types but i do like chocobos
Mini Game:chocobo racing
Enemy:cyotes cuz they're so easy
Weapon:auron's swords
FMV:the scene in macalania where tidus and yuna kiss for the first time
Music:beginning song of FFX-2 "Real Emotion" and the song from chapter 4 in FFX-2 "1000 Words"
Limit:tidus' blitz ace
Area:besaid and luca

#103 Kanna



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Posted 26 May 2005 - 02:58 AM

Game: Final Fantasy VI
Male character: Nanaki (Red XIII), Cid Highwind, Locke, Cefka, Vivi
Female character: Aerith, Terra
Non-Playable Character: Cefka
Chocobo: Black Chocobo (FFVII) - Its black xD
Place: Cosmo Canyon
Spell: Holy (FFIX)
Summon: Yojimbo, Bahamu Zero, Tonberry
Mini Game: Chocobo Racing
Villain: Cefka
Enemy: Tonberry
Weapon: Ultima Weapon - It changse colors xD
FMV: The death of Aerith.
Music: Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VII
Limit: Omnislash - The power.......
Boss: Safer Sephiroth
Area: Calm Lands

#104 Sazi_Medea



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Posted 02 July 2005 - 11:58 AM

Game: FFIX, VII or X
Male character: Zell, Red or Zidane
Female character: Dagger or Rikku
Non-Playable Character: Sephiroth, Blank (FFIX) or Kuja
Chocobo: FFIX (Choco)
Place: Zanarkand (that's be so fun to explore)
Spell: Ultima*grin*
Summon: Anima
Mini Game: Something involving moogles
Villain: Sephiroth or Kuja
Enemy: TOnberry
Weapon: Sephiroth's big-ass sword
FMV: The one where Dagger cuts her hair or where Kuja blows Terra up
Music: Otherworld
Limit: Omnislash
Boss: Trance Kuja
Area: Besaid was sweet.. or Alexandria.. or Cosmo Canyon

#105 Guest_sugar_*

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Posted 13 July 2005 - 12:17 AM

Game: FFVIII, and FFX
Male character: Vivi!~ the cutest lil thing to ever hit final fantasy ;)
Female character: Rikku
Non-Playable Character: Sephiroth
Chocobo: black chocobo on tactics
Place: Alexandria on IX
Spell: Holy and Utlima
Summon: Odin
Mini Game: in VII the snowboarding one
Villain: Beatrix in IX b4 she helps you
Enemy: the tonberries, i hate them but they're cute, same with the cactuar
Weapon: idk, there are a lotta them...
FMV: I know this is awful but when sephiroth killed aeris, i nearly cried... that was the saddest so I liked it most becuz it touched me... i'm sorry :vsad:
Music: FFVII
Limit: Rikku's mixes! B)
Boss: Beatrix :D
Area: too many

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