It's Their Party
Brendan    2007-06-10, 00:00 am.

To celebrate twenty years of Final Fantasy, Square Enix will be having a release party at the Metreon PlayStation Store in San Francisco. The party coincides with the release date of Final Fantasy I Anniversary Edition, at which fans can purchase the revamped PSP exclusive title on June 26. In addition, the first 100 attendees will be the recipients of special giveaway items. Lucky dogs.

More information can be found out here!

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Final Fantasy I & II Released in Europe!

kula shakerz    2008-02-08    1 comment

The Final Fantasy I & II Anniversary editions have finally been released in Europe. As you probably guessed the games are remakes of Final Fantasy (1987) and Final Fantasy II (1988) Both games have been upgraded visually and ported to the Sony PSP and they include the CG movies from Final Fantasy Origins, the bonus quest and dungeons from Final...

Anniversary Edition out in Japan

kula shakerz    2007-04-19    1 comment

The Final Fantasy remake Final Fantsay Anniversary Edition for the Sony PlayStation Portable hit the shelves in Japan this morning. The game features a slight facelift, the extra dungeons from the Gameboy Advance versions, as well as the monster encyclopedia and music players. Final Fantasy Anniversary edition is also confirmed for North America on 26th June 2007 but there is...

Final Fantasy remake is going to be a hit

kula shakerz    2007-04-08    0 comments

Over 100,000 copies of Square Enix' remake of Final Fantasy for the PlayStation Portable have been pre-ordered in Japan. This figure is sure to please Square Enix, as the company had previously stated that it would consider selling 150,000 copies of the game in Japan a success. With almost two weeks remaining until the game's release, it looks like this...