UPDATE: TGS 07: New Kingdom Hearts Games Announced
Brendan    2007-09-20, 04:10 am.

Ladies and gentlemen, shine your keyblades and buckle up; we're all in for one helluva ride! Recently announced at the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix will be adding not one, not two, but three new games into the Kingdom Hearts compendium.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, which derives its name from the secret ending to Kingdom Hearts II, deals primarily with the far past and also adds a new protagonist to the mix, reportedly visually akin to Zack of Crisis Core. Birth by Sleep will hit the PSP.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days apparently allows for up to four people to play simultaneously as different members of Organization XIII. 358/2 Days' main character seems to be Roxas. This Nintendo DS installment will deal with the "time of the other side."

Kingdom Hearts: Coded will see the return of Sora and the main cast from the earlier installments. Set to release to mobile phones, Coded takes place somewhere in between the first and second installments of Kingdom Hearts, exploring the aspect of time gone by.

Each title, as you've read, deals specifically with one abstract idea of time. No release dates yet; but they've only just started, so stay tuned!

Update: The following is more on the trailer screened at TGS, and the impressions of 1Up staff who got to visually see it, there, in person. I know. The lucky bastards.

The PSP title, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, seems most likely to resonate with fans of the series -- and not just because they tend to be PlayStation fans. Of the three games shown today, Birth seems to be most in keeping with the series standards. It's a single-player action RPG with plenty of combo-driven melee action... and the hero is a dead ringer for Zack, the leading man of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core whose life Cloud Strife decided to imitate (in every category from clothing to girlfriends). It's hard to say if it really is Zack -- the name is never given, and characters by designer Tetsuya Nomura tend to look alike -- but he absolutely looks like a Kingdom Hearts-style rendition of the FFVII character. The spiky black hair, the bright blue eyes, the dark clothing with dark red suspenders, the armor over his left shoulder -- it's all Zack. There is one difference, though: The lead character in Birth is a Keyblade warrior, an honor never afforded to previous Final Fantasy-to-Kingdom Hearts transplants like Cloud and "Leon" (aka Squall). So who knows what it means? Very little gameplay was demonstrated, but plenty of in-game story was shown, with the unnamed hero speaking to a boy who appeared to be Kingdom Hearts II's Roxas. Much of the video presentation was dominated by an old man with eerie yellow eyes and a formal military jacket, who spoke in what appeared to be a somewhat stern (if not quite threatening) manner to maybe-Zack and maybe-Roxas in a dusty, windswept valley. At one point, a wicked-looking warrior in black and red armor and an opaque black helmet confronted the hero, only to be thwarted by the timely arrival of King Mickey. Equally tantalizing were flashes of what appeared to be young Tidus and Rikku playing on the beach. The little gameplay revealed appears to fall very much in the Kingdom Hearts mold. Is-it-Zack lays into foes with his Keyblade, leaping over obstacles like tree trunks as he battles through a dark forest setting and collecting various orbs as he fights his way up the steps of a pristine palace. Though the trailer says the game is set in "the distant past," Birth By Sleep probably won't be showing up at retail until the distant future -- no date was given for this prequel.


Riku_Oblivion    2007-09-20, 14:19 pm

I think it's annoying when Square decides to put games on out of the way systems. The cell phone idea always strikes me as the shortest-lived, least accessible option for the gaming world. Kingdom Hearts is an incredible series, and I think it deserves better than to be reduced to tiny screens and lesser systems.

kula shakerz    2007-09-20, 14:47 pm

I'm sure the PSP and DS games are gonna be cool but I agree with the cell phone part. Mobile phones are made to communicate not play games on crap screens with shitty resolutions.

Storm Owl    2007-09-20, 17:49 pm

yeah, I don't even like hand held consoles that much so you can imagine my thoughts on cellphones...lol

as for this, I don't think it's a good announcement, as a matter of fact, I;m really disappointed not to find any Kingdom Hearts on PS3 but that's just because I really don't like hand held consoles lol

sifar    2007-09-21, 09:44 am

well iirc ... the KH team is actually working behind FFversus13 ... so even though its not a game from the KH universe ... you're still getting something from them :p

Key-blader    2007-09-27, 17:30 pm

Anyone who has seen the Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix video and some of the extra scenes from Final mix with english subtitles on youtube, will be able to piece together that the "Zack" like individual is very likely to be Xemnas before he lost his heart. One video in particluar from Final Mix on you tube is where Xemnas goes into the artificial heartless manufacturing plant and opens a secret door in the floor which leads right down a spiral staircase into a white room, in the style of castle obl

Dark keyblade master    2008-05-19, 23:09 pm

When does birth by sleep exactly come out. How bout KH3? Please tell. I just beat both KH1 and 2 in an week and I'm urging for some juicy info. Oh, and I'm new here. The name is M...

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