3 New Trailers From The World Ends With You
kula shakerz    2008-04-02, 15:49 pm.

Here are 3 new gameplay trailers from the Nintendo DS title The Wold End With You. The game was released in Japan last summer and will hit European and North American shelves later this month.

Noise Erasing Gameplay Elemental Attack Gameplay Road Hazard Gameplay

Magus 99    2008-04-02, 16:03 pm

That game looks kinda boring.

kula shakerz    2008-04-02, 17:50 pm

Yeah not my kind of game

ryuzaki    2008-04-02, 18:38 pm

I dunno I am kinda interested in this game. I'll see if I like it once I actually play the game though since videos for DS games don't show if the game is fun, for me anyways.

The World Ends With You Released in Europe

kula shakerz    2008-04-19    2 comments

Square's Nintendo DS title The World Ends With You was released in Europe yesterday. Overall the game has been well received among video game critics (Edge: 8/10, EGM: A-/A-/B, Famitsu: 35/40, Game Informer: 8.25/10, GamePro: 9/10, IGN: 9/10 and finally Nintendo Power: 9.0/10). The game is set for a North American release next week on Tuesday the 22nd April.

The World Ends with You...Next Spring...in Europe

Brendan    2007-12-10    2 comments

Hi guys, I know we haven't talked in a while but it's cause I have finals and stuff--so I'm sorry, so sorry, for neglecting you all. Anyways, for once there's been a bit of action on the Eastern front in recent days, most noticeable among is that Square is prepped up to drop The World Ends with You in Europe,...

A Wonderful Package

Brendan    2007-06-12    0 comments

Square Enix is making sweet love to the DS, yet again, in Japan. Not only is It's A Wonderful World a stand alone release, but Square Enix has decided upon a special edition bundle, too! Earlier this month, it was announced that a limited collector's bundle would come with a shiny, special edition Nintendo DS, a copy of the game,...