Chrono Trigger DS Coming to Europe in Early 2009
kula shakerz    2008-08-07, 15:13 pm.

Square Enix has announced that Chrono Trigger will be released for the Nintendo DS in Europe early 2009 (this is actually the first official release of the game in Europe). John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix Ltd. comments:

"It gives me great pleasure to see CHRONO TRIGGER being released in Europe and the PAL territories. With its ground breaking story and gameplay, this epic RPG with multiple endings has already won the hearts of many fans and I hope it delights a whole new audience of players into revisiting the CHRONO TRIGGER world time and again."

Constantinos    2008-08-08, 06:22 am

Finally!! Chrono Trigger officially released in Europe! Time to teach my little nephews what a real game looks like ;)

kweh!    2008-08-21, 03:11 am

Be prepared for disappointment. It's almost impossible to make kids understand the value of a classic 2D game. Expect to hear "Where are the guns?" and "What the hell is a sprite?"

Chrono Trigger DS Extras Unveiled

Xin    2008-09-22    1 comment

For most, no extras are needed to justify the purchase of Chrono Trigger DS. No updated graphics, no new FMVs, nothing. It's pretty much the most widely respected game in the genre. But for those wondering what those extra features exactly were, today is your day. The first big news is that of a somewhat meaty Monster Battling minigame. Players...

Chrono Trigger DS Gameplay Videos

kula shakerz    2008-08-26    4 comments

Three new gameplay videos from Square's upcoming Nintendo DS remake of Chrono Trigger DS have been released. The game is not a full remake like the DS version of Final Fantasy IV but a enhanced port of the original. Lucca Gameplay Video: Click to watch. Crono Gameplay Video: Click to watch. Marle Gameplay Video: Click to watch. Chrono Trigger DS...

North American Chrono Trigger DS Cover Revealed

kula shakerz    2008-08-23    0 comments

The official North American Chrono Trigger DS cover was revealed by Square Enix yesterday. Do you think it looks familiar? It might be because its identical to the original Super Nintendo cover. Chrono Trigger DS is hitting North American shelves on November the 25th. In related news, Chrono Trigger is celebrating its 13th birthday in North America on August the...