The Last Remnant Out Now For Xbox 360
kula shakerz    2008-11-20, 21:19 pm.

The latest Square Enix RPG, The Last Remnant has been released worldwide today for the Xbox 360. The Last Remnant is Square's first game to run on the Unreal Engine 3, and the first time Square Enix has had to adapt to new technologies and ways of development.

A PlayStation 3 and Windows version has been announced too but no release dates have been given so far.

kweh!    2008-11-20, 22:00 pm

huzzah! oh wait, this isn't the PS3 version. I respectfully withdraw my huzzah.

<Ex>    2008-11-21, 02:07 am

is it just me or does that sentence not make sense sorta? and the first time square-enix what?

<Ex>    2008-11-21, 02:08 am

anywho, i'm looking foward to getting this! i'm getting the 360 fixed, i got the coffin here and everything.

probably will be fixed right before christmas. :)

ryuzaki    2008-11-21, 02:09 am

ya Ex is right Kula made some sentence mistakes.

Siion    2008-11-21, 02:20 am

This game is NOT SD friendly, extremely hard to play on SDTV, it's also a kinda crappy game, bit like infinity undiscovery lost odyssey shitty framerate tons of loading screens soup. I hate the battle system, you have to choose what you want to do, then it goes and does it, not real turn based -.- kinda sux.

kweh!    2008-11-21, 02:39 am

Um... you've been playing it how long?

Xin    2008-11-21, 02:45 am

i wouldn't finish sentences for this game either lololol for instance, this one time i

Brendan    2008-11-21, 03:14 am

well at least it wasnt like the sopranos where they just cut to black in mids

Siion    2008-11-21, 08:02 am

@ Kweh, 2 days, got it 1 day before release. (Since 19th, now 21), almost finished it. But getting boring.

kula shakerz    2008-11-21, 09:25 am

forgot to close a tag ... full sentence is there now ;)

Gigas    2008-11-22, 23:20 pm

I have this game as I bought it when It came out. The movement is like Suikuden IV if you have ever play that, or like Final Fantasy XII, (which I think this game closly resembles). I like it so far except there are many short (and somtimes long) loading screens which to get a tad boring, and that when you move into a new screen it has to load the details, which really bothers me. Soundtrack is as good as I expected

The Last Remnant Might Never Make It To The PS3

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The Last Remnant was as you might remember supposed to get a simultaneous release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. But so far all we have seen is the Xbox and PC versions, and now it seems like PS3 owners will never get to play the game (unless they buy it for another platform). Yoichi Wada made some...

3 New Trailers From The Last Remnant

kula shakerz    2008-10-18    4 comments

Square Enix has released three new trailers from their upcoming action rpg The Last Remnant. The game is set to release on the Xbox 360 on Thursday the 20th of October November in all territories. The PlayStation 3 release date is still unknown. Well there's not much more to say ... enjoy! Video >> Trailer #1 Video >> Trailer #2...

The Last Remnant 360 Bundle For Japan

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What exactly is going on here? The Xbox 360 is selling in Japan, riding the waves of its unparalleled next-gen RPG wave? How is this happening?! Anyways, a new bundle has been announced for the Xbox360 in Japan featuring The Last Remnant. For ¥34800JPY($337USD), you'll get a 60gb system, the game itself, selections from the title's OST, and a faceplate...