Yet Another Kingdom Hearts On The Way (UPDATE)
Xin    2010-06-06, 08:16 am.

The June Issue of GameInformer features an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, who has his hands on any number of titles currently in production for SquareEnix. But he's not done, oh no, not at all.

Nomura mentions that a new Kingdom Hearts title, targeted specifically at western audiences, will be announced next week at E3. But it's not KH3. It's not for any of the home consoles either. It's not even for the iPhone.

What is it, then? Recent trademarks for a Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded have popped up. Is this a remake/re-release of the JP mobile title released last year?~

UPDATE - As expected, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded will launch for the Nintendo DS~

→Ne♠Ra←    2010-06-06, 10:08 am

A KH movie? Not encouraging, but bring it on. I really don't feel like seeing a new game other than what we have already. :( is it RE: Coded? Pleeease no!

Xin    2010-06-06, 18:29 pm

Most likely a DS remake.

Kingdom Hearts Forever    2010-06-08, 09:41 am

Ohhhh for the love of god... just give me KH3... I've waited long enough.

kula shakerz    2010-06-10, 19:34 pm

Bah why cant they just make KH3?

<Ex>    2010-06-14, 18:36 pm

BOYCOTT KH until they release 3! lol.

<Ex>    2010-06-14, 18:36 pm


Square Enix puts out Kingdom Hearts survey

kula shakerz    2014-03-07    3 comments

Square Enix has posted an online survey where they ask fans of the Kingdom Hearts series for feedback on the franchise as well as what they would like to see included in future releases. The survey also includes questions about which gaming systems you own (they forgot to add the PSP and PS Vita), your favourite TV shows, favourite musical...