The Man With The Machine Gun Arrives
Xin    2010-12-08, 20:44 pm.

It's been a longgg time. How have you been? Myself? Well, school and work take a toll on time these days, but enough about me...You want to know about games, don't you?

I thought so, so let's pick things up with the latest character for Dissidia012. I must say, I was quite disappointed when they chose Vaan over Balthier for the last reveal, but this one I can fully agree with - FFVIII's Laguna Loire.


<Ex>    2010-12-09, 01:37 am


→Ne♠Ra←    2010-12-09, 04:25 am

Hurray for Laguna!

kweh!    2010-12-10, 22:32 pm


final-bahamut    2010-12-16, 19:36 pm


Dissidia012 Trailer, Characters & Prologue

Xin    2011-01-18    2 comments

Dissidia012 also made some news today, with the reveal of two new characters and the announcement of a special prologue to the main title. Dissidia012: Prologus will feature events before the main game, and acts as a sort of mega-demo. Those who purchase will also be able to use Aerith (FFVII) as a support character in 012. As for the...

Dissidia012 Trailer, Characters & Release Date

Xin    2010-12-24    2 comments

It is, supposedly, the most wonderful time of the year, and SquareEnix are in a giving kind of mood. Their present to you this year: the JumpFESTA trailer for Dissidia 012 The trailer is definitely a bit more story heavy than the previous ones, but since I don't understand what they're saying, we'll skip that for now. That doesn't mean...

TGS: Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy Trailer

Xin    2010-09-23    6 comments

It seems Square are making good on their promise to get their TGS trailers online soon after the event, as the trailer for Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy is now available. EVERYBODY FIGHT EVERYBODY NOW A few things I learned from the trailer? For starters, Kain will be able to switch between his normal and Holy Dragoon forms, much like his...