Bloodmasque free for a limited time on iOS devices
kula shakerz    2013-12-12, 11:18 am.

Square Enix is celebrating 500,000 downloads by giving away Bloodmasque for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This offer lasts until midnight on Monday December 16th 2013 so you better hurry up and download it.

They are also celebrating the holiday season by a series of seasonal hunts, where players can choose to pursue two unique foes; Rudolph the Red and Holly Mistletoe. Triumph and you’ll be rewarded with their special gear for your hunter. For more details about the festive event, visit:

kula shakerz    2013-12-12, 11:48 am

The game is actually pretty cool.

Mobius Final Fantasy Arrives on August 3

Brendan    2016-07-23    0 comments

Mobius Final Fantasy, a high-budget mobile game for Android and iOS, is due out in North America on August 3 which, coincidentally enough, is my birthday. Square Enix must have known, those sweethearts, and rushed the localization of this 2015 game to get it here just in time. Excluding the phenomenal ports of Final Fantasy VII and IX, I’m usually...

Final Fantasy IX Gets First Big Update

Brendan    2016-02-27    0 comments

Final Fantasy IX for mobile received its first big update after releasing a little over two weeks ago. The title, which currently sits at 4 stars on 670 reviews at the iTunes App Store, has received significant improvements and feature adjustments. The new update include the following changes: Manual screen rotate button added. Tap the rotate icon on the title...

Final Fantasy IX Available Now on iOS and Android

Xin    2016-02-09    1 comment

I only write an article once every...six months or so now, it seems, so I'm quite glad this is the one I chose this time around. Final Fantasy IX has just released on Google Play and The App Store for Android and iOS devices. Even better, the game is 20% off ($16.99 USD) from now until February 21st, so pick...