Final Fantasy VI launching on Google Play today
kula shakerz    2014-01-15, 09:41 am.

Square Enix Europe announced late last night that Final Fantasy VI will be available on Google Play starting today. The game will be priced at £10.99/€14.99 and it will be playable in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish languages.

There is currently no information regarding the iOS version of the game or when it'll be available in North America.

UPDATE: The release seems to be worldwide. Still no news regarding the iOS version.

Chrono    2014-01-15, 18:29 pm

Bah! Why no iOS release!? The sprites look strange with that black border.

kula shakerz    2014-01-15, 21:19 pm

The release seems to be worldwide. Yeah sucks that the iOS version isn't out yet. It'll probably be released soon though.

Xensity    2014-01-16, 01:53 am

Wut?! No iOS? I was already sold. Now I'm just anxious. FF3 for the Snes (nowadays VI) was my cherry-popper to the series, so it's always my first love. <3

kweh!    2014-01-16, 08:14 am


Brendan    2014-01-16, 09:30 am

Knowing iTunes, it's probably some stupid technical/legal hangup.

darklordmagus    2014-01-16, 14:41 pm

I saw this and immediately went SQUEEEEEE i've been waiting for this for a long time. And while the sprites look odd, they are actually what I think a "rendered" version of said characters would sorta look like if the 16bit era was more like now. that being said.... why no iOS yet, and i forgot to bring my tablet to work today!!! BAH!! gotta wait...

k3fka!    2014-01-16, 19:51 pm

I think it looks great (lots of screenshots here Looking forward to the iOS release.

kweh!    2014-01-17, 00:59 am

I must be the only person here who uses an android phone.

Brendan    2014-01-17, 01:16 am

Don't worry, Kweh. We won't hold it against you <3

Xensity    2014-01-17, 03:44 am

+1up, kweh. You win this round... but soon it'll be our turn. Oh my Gogo, I'll be sailing those rapids for eternity. I wonder if the Save Leon trick will work...

darklordmagus    2014-01-20, 19:07 pm

So I played this on my Tablet, and I have to say I'm in fanboy heaven.

Here's some points i want to make about it for those who are on the fence...

The sprites are basically redone to look exactly like their 16 bit counterparts, but in a clearer image (thats why you see a sort of cartoony look). things like the Magitek Armour for Biggs and Wedge look amazing, and Terra's character sprite looks like a detailed 16 bit character (ie. when she is on her knees you can tell she is on her knees, and you can see her wearing shoes during battles). Other characters looks similarly detailed.

Other graphical updates i noticed are for specific attacks, which received grpahical updates like bio-blast which looks a little better/clearer, but overall they are unchanged.

The in game battle/menu character drawings are modern recreations of the Amano pics, and suit the new updated look.

Battle system is a LOT more manageable being touch based vs menu based (for phone port jrpgs), and the atb is replaced with upwards scrolling menus for each character that highlight when it is that person's turn.

The in game text is standard SQE phone port clear, vs the 16bit awesomeness that is Georgia block font, but all in all it is ok. Sound is the same/clearer than the SNES version. I played with and without headphones and i heard no issues or qualms with it.

The ONLY issue i had was on my 10" tablet, the walking was a bit hard b/c the touchpad directions are scaled to the screen which requires more movement from my thumb than say on a 7" screen or smaller phone. There is also angular walking on the direction pad (which comes up anywhere on the screen you press), but can be adjusted to 4 way directional in the config menu.

All in all, i would suggest this to ANY of your who want another crack at this game in an updated manner. I know i will be putting some more time into it (i put in 1 hr but have to restart due to grabbing the chests in the first dungeon rather than leaving them till later for better items).

Xin    2014-01-21, 02:53 am

There are now numerous reports this game is riddled with critical bugs, and may be why the iOS version was delayed. The game has a major freeze issue affecting many users about halfway thru the game, keeping players from advancing the story.It's also missing input commands for Sabin's Blitz techniques, some of which have changed due to the lack of L/R buttons on mobile devices.

Personally, I think this port looks like garbage. the new sprites are disproportionate, there is some really strange issues with graphical symmetry and it has same seriously weird tiling issues.

Another quick mobile port cash-grab, poor taste SQEX.

kweh!    2014-01-21, 02:59 am

I lot of the reviews on Google Play suggest using an emulator instead.

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