Bravely Second Set for Winter in Japan
Brendan    2014-08-30, 18:09 pm.

More great news for RPG Lovers out of PAX this past week: Bravely Second, the direct sequel to Square Enix's successful Bravely Default for the Nintendo 3DS, will be hitting Japanese shelves this holiday season. It may come as something of a sudden follow up to western gamers, but Bravely Default has actually been out in Japan for two years now.

Accompanying the announcement was a brief trailer showing new locales that will, if nothing else, make you want to go replay the first title. This news also comes on the heels of Nintendo's announcement of new 3DS hardware which will also be available, in Japan, this winter. Gamers elsewhere will have to wait until next year for the 3DS hardware refresh and Bravely Second.

It's been a really great week of surprising news out of Square Enix. Hopefully, with TGS right around the corner, they keep their hot streak going!

Xin    2014-09-01, 07:59 am

I want that new 3DS. And this game. Square send me both you owe me.

Brendan    2014-09-01, 17:11 pm

I know. Did you see those new cities? I almost started crying but then I pulled out my 2DS, fired up BD, and then actually started crying.

Xin    2014-09-01, 22:32 pm

Ughhh I still need to play the first. Square send me the first one, too!

Brendan    2014-09-05, 05:12 am

It's literally the best FF since FF9. Just sayin'

Xin    2014-09-06, 17:51 pm

Don't be absurd. XIV is the best FF since IX :p

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