Final Fantasy XV Gets Anime 'Brotherhood'
Brendan    2016-04-02, 23:17 pm.

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV was another multimedia project announced at Square Enix’s Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event. The series will span five independent episodes to be streamed for free online ahead of the game’s launch in September. It chronicles the journey that Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, and Gladio embark upon together.

The first episode became available immediately and each will average about 20 minutes in length. A sixth episode will be included in the collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix hasn’t immediately commented on their plans for Brotherhood’s release schedule but it’s likely that we’ll get one a month through the summer, culminating with the release of Kingsglaive immediately preceding Final Fantasy XV. You can watch episode one below:

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Brotherhood's End

Brendan    2016-09-24    0 comments

Square Enix has uploaded the fifth and final entry, THE WARMTH OF LIGHT, to BROTHERHOOD, the anime series that follows the early exploits of Noctis and company from FINAL FANTASY XV. This comes as the game’s original launch day, September 30, is within sight. Reactions to BROTHERHOOD have been universally positive and the anime itself has added depth and dimension...

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV - Episode 3

kula shakerz    2016-07-14    0 comments

Part three of the five-part web anime series Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV has been released. This episode is called "Sword and Shield" and focuses on Gladiolus and Noctis and a childhood event that forged their friendship.

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV - Episode 2

kula shakerz    2016-06-20    0 comments

Square Enix has just released the second episode of their five-part web anime series Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. The series revolves around the four main characters of Final Fantasy XV and is ment to serve as a prequel to the events in the game. In this episode we'll get to take a look at how the friendship between Prompto and...