Cosmos Rings Teaser Trailer
kula shakerz    2016-07-28, 09:02 am.

Cosmos Rings was announced a few days ago and Square Enix has now decided that it's time to release the first teaser trailer. Little is known about the Apple Watch game other than that it will make use of the Apple Watch’s pedometer functionality.

The game will be produced by Takehiro Ando, creator of the Chaos Rings series of mobile RPGs and the art will be done by Yusuke Naora who has worked on several Final Fantasy titles including Final Fantasy XV.

Chaos Rings will launch sometime this summer.

Update: Cosmos Rings is available now!

Brendan    2016-07-30, 01:46 am

I am NOT paying $5 for an  Watch game.

kula shakerz    2016-07-30, 08:44 am

Yeah that was surprisingly expensive. I was thinking that it would cost $1.

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