Kingdom Hearts III Is Finally Here
Xin    2019-01-29, 04:43 am.

It’s been nearly 15 years since the release of Kingdom Hearts II, on Sony’s PlayStation 2, back in December 2005.

And while there have been a myriad of oddly playing, obscurely-titled off-shoots in between, they never quite scratched the fandom’s itch.

It’s been nearly two years since we’ve posted a story here, for the release of another of Square’s long awaited titles in Final Fantasy XV, but for something we were all wishing for back in this site’s heyday - it felt appropriate to come back for this:

Kingdom Hearts III has, at long last, released worldwide.

15 years to write that. Crazy. So for the fans of the series who have waited an eternity - and to anyone who’s read our KHIII coverage over the years - we hope it’s everything you have wanted it to be.


kula shakerz    2019-01-31, 07:13 am

You beat me to it. I wanted to post a story but I forgot all about it once I started playing. Hope you're enjoying the game as much as me. I'll try again for FFVII Remake :p

kweh!    2019-02-01, 17:14 pm

Still finishing DQ XI post-game. See you all in 5 years for FFXVII Ep. 1!

Xin    2019-02-04, 16:42 pm

@kula Brendan claimed the FFVIIR post after I posted this lol

Brendan    2019-02-08, 06:21 am

Xin + Kula: It'll be a good old fashioned brawl for the FF7R post

Xin    2019-02-13, 18:10 pm

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Kingdom Hearts III is a bad game!

kula shakerz    2019-02-23, 22:57 pm

Took me almost a month to finish the game. 29 hours and 43 minutes of playtime.

→Ne♠Ra←    2019-09-17, 20:19 pm

Somehow I found myself here. The game was a 50% for me loved the graphics and environments but wasn't as fun as the last two. The final chapter is the highlight that ends the series perfectly for me.

Iso    2022-08-03, 13:35 pm

Fighter checking in in the year 2022! Much love to all you guys and hope everyone's doing well. 3 years late, but well written xin.

→Ne♠Ra←    2022-12-13, 13:05 pm

Hello fighter! Even though i played this game two years ago i cant say I'm into the idea of a KH IV. I got the switch version for this but oh. c:

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