Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest in Itadaki Street
Ikuzo    2004-09-04, 01:39 am.

Weekly Shonen Jump covered a section on the latest title of Enix's on-going board game series, Itadaki Street. 'Itadaki Street Special' (ISS from now on) features characters from Dragon Quest series and Final Fantasy series. The characters are illustrated by Shiro Amano, for those of you who have read the Kingdom Hearts comics would know that Shiro Amano is the author and artist of the comic series.

Maps are one of the key elements of board games, and in ISS, it features 3D maps that are familiar from both Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games. Weekly Shone Jump reveals a map of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII with the game's heroine, Tifa, standing along side with Crift (Dragon Quest IV) and Arena (Dragon Quest IV).

Two of the major icons of both games, Slime and Chocobo, lines up in a shot of what looks to be a map from the Dragon Quest series. Not sure what's in the background, but Weekly Shonen Jump claims there is another major character hiding behind them...

Just at the bottom right corner, you can see a famous name, KOICHI SUGIYAMA, who is best known for his works in composing scores for the Dragon Quest series and, just for the record, the last title from the series, Itadaki Street 3, was directed by the creator of Dragon Quest, Yuji Horii.

Itadaki Street Special is due to be released this winter on Playstation 2 in Japan.

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