New Fantasy Earth Details
Xin    2004-12-25, 12:25 pm.

Square-Enix has released some major story points regarding its upcoming MMORPG Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion. So far, all that had been announced is that the game will contain elements of Strategy, Real Time, and Other Action based elements. Now we get our first details of the game's overall plot.

The world of Fantasy Earth is made up of Six Continents, which were all at one time under the rule of The Tolkmaiyan Empire. However, the empire suffered a great collapse, and the world fell into a time of struggle between feuding warlords. When all was settled, only five factions remained, each creating their own seperate Kingdom on a different continent.

The Kingdom of Netsawal, lead by the cursed King Yunkel, who was turned from his human form into a massive beast-like creature. The Kingdom of Elsword, founded by the wiseman Naias Elsword. The Holdein Empire, founded by Wadreet Belkstein Holdein, a female general of noble origin. The Kingdom of Gebrand, founded by the Emperor Lyle Verda Gebrand. And the fifth country under stable rule, The Kingdom of Casdoria.

At the game's start, players must choose which country they will align with, and thus fight for. With only Five of Six continents under rule, much of the conflict in Fantasy Earth will be fought over control of the sixth and final continent of Essetia.

Queen Wadreet Belkstein Holdein was noted of particular importance to Fantasy Earth's storyline. She carries the blood of the heroic Belkstein dynasty running in her veins, yet following the fall of her family from power, she worked as a shepherdess. After seeing a great revelation from a mysterious crystal, she vowed to conquer the decaying kingdom and managed to bring the entire continent of Olol under her control. Despite her victory, the queen, who has long lived the life of a commoner struggles to adapt to this new era and her life as empress. She aims to re-unite her world and build a kingdom based on the ideals of justice and peace

Crystals will play a large role in the world of Fantasy Earth. In fact, the world itself was created by crystals, the source of all power. Gameplay is also equally dependant on the use of crystals, as players will have to collect crystals, which in turn will allow them to create fortresses on the field map. As of now there are eight different kinds of forts, each serving different purposes, such as protecting characters from enemy attacks. Players will have to choose wisely where on the field map they want to set up their forts, though. Building one on high ground for instance will enable them to locate and pre-emptively attack an enemy crawling up to the location early on, while a poorly placed fort can lead to attack and destruction.

Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion is scheduled for a 2005 release in Japan.

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