Before Crisis Chapter 15: The Gold Saucer & The Pilot
Xin    2005-07-01, 19:46 pm.

Chapter 15 of the Square-Enix Mobile RPG Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII has been released, and this time around we see the Turks heading to the Gold Saucer. The troupe also makes their way to Rocket Town, where familiar ace-pilot Cid Highwind makes his series debut.

Link >> View Chapter 15 Screens

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII is available now in Japan, and due for release in the US in early 2006.

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Over Before the Crisis Began?

Brendan    2006-12-18    0 comments

There's no substantive news here besides my resounding disappointment that Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, is conspicuously missing from any JUMP FESTA news and major coverage. Has the crisis stalled out before it even began? The game concluded last year in Japan, and Square Enix has expertly avoided speaking about it with a frenzy of new games. English Demos and...

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Chapter 20

kula shakerz    2005-10-18    0 comments

Square Enix's recently updated the offical site for Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, with screenshots from the 20th chapter of their cell phone game. The game is a prequel to the popular PlayStation One RPG, the story is set to 6 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII, and supports up to three players at the same time via...

Before Crisis Chapter 14: Standoff In Wutai

Xin    2005-06-24    0 comments

The next chapter in the Square-Enix Mobile RPG, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII is now available for release in Japan. This time around, the Turks have made their way to Wutai to destroy an AVALANCHE base in the area, but upon their arrival, it appears AVALANCHE already knows of their plans. Is their a spy in the ranks? Also, keep...