New Fantasy Earth images + details revealed
sifar    2005-11-08, 14:11 pm.

Square Enix has revealed new images and information on its upcoming MMORPG, Fantasy Earth: The ring of Dominion. The game's system will be based on conquest where players will try to invade other lands, while others will try to protect their lands and vice versa. There are also several monsters in the game that will help players evolve their characters.

Link >> Fantasy Earth Image Gallery

The Beta version of the game is currently being played in Japan, and is expected to be available at Japanese store shelves by the end of 2005.

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Square Enix Cancelled Fantasy Earth

kula shakerz    2006-08-07    0 comments

Square Enix today announced the transfer of the administration duties for Fantasy Earth: Ring of Dominion to Gamepot as of November 1st. The PC-based MMORPG was originally released on February 23rd by Square Enix. Furthermore, Gamepot will introduce an item-based payment system versus the current monthly usage fees. Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion is already the third online game...

Fantasy Earth Released In Japan

kula shakerz    2006-03-04    0 comments

Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion, a new MMORG developed by Square Enix, has finally been released in Japan. Little information about the game was released by Square Enix during the development period and there was also a lack of hype before the release. Currently the game is a japanese exculsive and no information has been revealed about an international...

Fantasy Earth Gets Japanese Date

kula shakerz    2005-12-17    0 comments

Square Enix has announced that their upcoming MMORPG Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion will land on Japanese PCs on February 23, 2006. Fantasy Earth will carry an "open price", meaning it has no static retail price. Still no release dates for Europe or North America.