New Kingdom Hearts II details + Passion info
sifar    2005-11-15, 20:50 pm.

A new trailer and most probably the final trailer of Kingdom Hearts II was revealed recently at a videogame store in Japan. It features many new clips with voice acting that give some new details regarding the game. The trailer shows us two new members of the Organization, footage on Kairi, Axel and BHK fight, the Sorcerer (Mickey's Master), the giant heartless battle, and some Lion King footage.

Link >> New Kingdom Hearts II Camera-Shot Trailer

In related news, the official website of Utada Hikaru mentions how the song, "Passion", will appear on a few TV channels on Japan sometime early in December. Hikki's website also has a little video interview in which she states that she is very happy with her song "Passion" and it could even ber her favourite, because of the lyrics.

EDIT: Translation to the Video Trailer above:

Namine: And, you are required for Sora to become his original complete self. BHK: I don't really understand. Am I the real thing in this world? Kairi: Riku, I, and that boy had always been playing happily on that island. But his voice, it's left me. The Sorcerer: Sora... you've done it. Ye who has been chosen by the Keyblade, you are. Ursula: Shall I change you into a human? Mulan: This is the end! Axel: If I was to be reborn like this... Barbossa: Heartless are here- Sora: What is your objective? (to Org. Member) Hooded Org. Member: Kingdom Hearts Luxord: Sora, thanks for your trouble. Sora: Maybe our journey meant nothing after all (Deep Dive anyone?), If I can't use the Keyblade what am I gonna do? Hooded Org. Member: What are your motives? (to DiZ) DiZ: Revenge. Long-Haired Org. Member: The heart will plunge into the darkness. Mickey: I can't forgive you. Sora (on knees): Please, I want to get into the world of darkness too..

EDIT 2: New random bits of information:

The Kingdom Hearts II Ultimania guide book will go on sale in Japan on December 22, 2005. It will feature new artwork, Tetsuya Nomura + Staff interviews, character designs, and much more like the previous two Ultimania guide books released. In addition, two new co-op moves have been revealed, they include: Donaflare with Donald, and Knock Rush with Goofy.

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Square Enix puts out Kingdom Hearts survey

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UPDATE: A Little Something More

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A new scan is making its way around the internet and boy, is it worth seeing. Japanese magazine V-Jump has leaked this scan of the next Kingdom Hearts game. I'm at a loss for what it might mean; but it's still fun to look at and fantasize about. Hopefully, TGS 2007 will loosen the lips of our favorite game company......

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