Lord of Vermilion
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Lord of Vermilion Revealed!

Brendan    2007-11-22    7 comments

The first signs of Lord of Vermilion, the recently trademarked name by Square Enix, are making their way across the internet today. Initial translations of the Dengeki PlayStation interview with Square Enix big-wigs Kitase and Nomura indicate a card battle game for the PS3. Here's some artwork: And here's a link to the official site: Link to Vermilion

New trademark registered by Square Enix

kula shakerz    2007-10-16    1 comment

Square Enix registered the "Lord of Vermillion" trademark with the Japanese patent office on the 27th September. Is it a spin-off of an existing IP, a new IP? Only time will tell as everything at this point is speculation.