Brave Fencer Musashi
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Things began rather suddenly. For years, tension had been steadily rising between the Allucaneet Kingdom and the Thirstquencher Empire. Finally, after diplomatic relations between the two nations ceased, The Thirstquencher Empire abruptly attacked the Allucaneet Kingdom. Unfortunately for Allucaneet, the King and Queen were absent at the time of the attack.

As if the Thirstquencher Empire had timed its invasion according to their absence, the invasion began with one specific goal in mind; to capture Lumina, the sword of Luminecense. Unable to repel the surprise attack, Allucaneet's army lost ground quickly while the enemy pressed toward to the castle. As the Thirstquencher army approached the castle, the senior members of Allucaneet realized that their only hope would be to summon a hero.

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