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Final Fantasy Explorers Available Now

Brendan    2016-01-26    0 comments

Final Fantasy Explorers, the plucky action-RPG upstart that took its time getting out of Japan, is now available to Western fans. If review units were provided to the mainstream gaming press then it would seem that Square Enix has not yet lifted the embargo which, historically, is not a great sign if the publisher is relying on positive buzz to...

Final Fantasy Explorers Comes to the West this Month

Brendan    2016-01-03    0 comments

Final Fantasy Explorers is by no means a new game. Released in Japan a little over a year ago, this quirky hybrid of Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter has drawn the curiosity of western gamers since the title's announcement. In just a few short weeks Final Fantasy Explorers will launch for the Nintendo 3DS in the United States on January...

Final Fantasy Explorers announced for the Nintendo 3DS

kula shakerz    2014-06-11    0 comments

Japanese magazine Jump (ジャンプ) has revealed in its latest issue that Square Enix is currently working on a multiplayer action-RPG game for the 3DS called Final Fantasy Explorers. Up to four players will be able to form a co-op party where they can select from a variety of classic Final Fantasy classes. No release date for the Japanese market has...