Musashi: Samurai Legend
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In a distant world, a man called Gandrake and his enigmatic corporation developed a device called the nebulium engine. This revolutionary invention brought new possibilities and changed the lives of people everywhere.

But soon Gandrake Enterprises began to lust for power. Its goal: total domination through control of the precious fuel known as nebulite.

To this end, Gandrake began to take a particular interest in the Mystics, a people gifted in the arts of magic. To save them from Gandrake’s schemes, the princess of the Mystics invoked an ancient spell of great power to summon a hero. Her magic brought them a young samurai named Musashi—just before the enemy took her captive and drove her subjects from their homes.

Now, called across time and space to strange land, Musashi must find Princess Mycella and save the Mystics if he has any hope of returning home. But he is not alone. With the aid of an eccentric but brilliant martial arts master, Musashi strives to become the greatest samurai ever known. With an entire world to save, he has his work cut out for him!

Musashi Samurai Legend Heads For Europe

Xin    2005-06-16    0 comments

Square-Enix confirmed today that its Action RPG Musashi Samurai Legend will release across Europe this fall. Atari has reached an agreement with Square-Enix to publish the PlayStation 2 title across the region and at this point September 2005 is the set Release Period, but a specific date has yet to be announced. Musashi Samurai Legend is currently available in both...

Musashi Samurai Legend Japanese Release

Xin    2005-04-08    0 comments

Square-Enix has announced that Musashi Samurai Legend will release in Japan on July 7th and retail for a price of 7140 yen. To be called Musashiden II: Blade Master in Japan, this marks the first time Square-Enix has released a game in the US before it's Japanese release. Musashi Samurai Legend has been available in the US since March 15th....

Musashi Samurai Legend is in stores!

AlterGenesis-X    2005-03-16    0 comments

Square Enix has shipped Musashi: Samurai Legend for PlayStation 2 to retail stores across the nation yesterday. Musashi Samurai Legend is the sequel to the 1997 action RPG Brave Fencer Musashi for Playstation.