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Code Age Commanders follows the story of Gene, a young man recovering from amnesia in a distant future where technology has evolved society to a new plateau. Playing as Gene, users must help him overcome strange black and white monsters known as “the Coded” who bring war and chaos to the world.

Along his journey, Gene also experiences the memories of the Coded, ultimately learning the tragic origins of their existence as he struggles to reclaim himself in the conflict. Meanwhile, Gene uses the mysterious Otello, whose true motivations are unseen, to help him progress.

Directed by Yusuke Naora, Code Age Commanders is said to be a new flagship franchise for Square Enix, though it has yet to be released outside of Japan.

Code Age: Commanders Japanese Release Date

Xin    2005-07-20    0 comments

Popular Japanese publication Famitsu is reporting that Code Age: Commanders will release to Japanese PS2's on October 13th. The Code Age franchise will follow a similar path to that of Fullmetal Alchemist, with a manga already availabel and a Cell Phone game in development. It is rumored the series will eventually move into Anime form as well. A release outside...

Code Age Shows Us Something New

Xin    2005-05-11    0 comments

Square-Enix has updated the Official Code Age Website to include a new trailer for the series, showcasing the manga Code Age: Archives, the upcoming PS2 title Code Age: Commanders, and the at long last revealed third part of the series, the mobile phone game Code Age: Brawls. The trailer can be seen by visiting the series' Official Site and going...

Code Age Official Website Launched

Xin    2005-04-04    0 comments

Square-Enix has launched the Official Website of it's latest series, Code Age. Featuring shared webspace, the website for the moment focuses on the two as yet announced parts of the saga, Code Age: Archives & Code Age: Commanders. Featured on the Commanders side of the site is a brief overview of the game's storyline. Also available for viewing is the...