Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia
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Return to the world of Vana’diel, at it is consumed by unrest in the days following the Shadow Lord’s fall. Despite the rise of many heroes to combat the darkness, a far more heinous evil creeps in the shadows, awaiting the time when her shackles will be broken, setting her free once more.

Chains of Promathia is the second expansion to the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI.

Official Chains of Promathia site gets updated

sifar    2004-08-26    0 comments

The Official Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia site has been updated with information and images on new equipment, new areas, new NPCs, and the arrival of the Wyrmking, Bahamut. Four new full pieces of armor have been revealed and will most probably need to be quested for in order to obtain. They include the Sha'ir Manteel, the Barone Corazza,...

Chains of Promathia box covers + pre-ordering

sifar    2004-08-20    0 comments

The Official US Final Fantasy XI site has updated the "Store" section of its site and added the upcoming expansion pack, Final Fanatsy XI: Chains of Promathia. Both versions (PC and PlayStation 2) will cost gamers $29.99 USD and be released on September 21, 2004. On the site, you can view the covers of both packages featuring artwork by Yoshitaka...

Chains of Promathia makes Gold Master status

sifar    2004-08-06    0 comments

Square Enix has confirmed that the Final Fantasy XI Add-on, Chain of Promathia, has passed all internal testing and obtained the "Gold Master" status. The development team is working on a version update that will become available a week before the Add-on's release to the world market. The version update is expected to be large as it will come in...