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A deep and intricate tale, Xenogears has had quite a following since its initial release in 1998. Xenogears takes place on the continent of Ignas where a war between the Aveh and Kislev nations has raged on for centuries. Ethos, has excavated giant robot fighters called "Gears" which have significantly changed the way the war was fought.

You control Fei Fong Wong, an 18-year-old from the small town of Lahan. Stripped of any memories of the past, Fei lives a peaceful life with his friends who are soon be married, Alice and Timothy. Shortly after, Fei returns to Lahan only to see his village under attack. Instictively, he pilots a nearby unmanned Gear and goes berserk at the sight of the death of his hometown. Fei is thrust on quest to find himself, the truth behind the planet and a powerful being, known as "Deus."

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