Final Fantasy Origins
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Final Fantasy Origins is a compilation of the two Nintendo Entertainment System classics Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II on the PlayStation platform.

Both games have enhanced graphics, remixed soundtracks, added computer generated cut scenes, and added content. They also include art galleries of Yoshitaka Amano's illustrations.

FF Origins released in North America

kula shakerz    2003-04-09    0 comments

The Squaresoft classics, Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II are released today in North America. You get both games in a package called Final Fantasy Origins. These new versions contain updated graphics, CGI movies, better soundtracks and some new options. The game is released by Square Enix U.S.A and will retail for about $29.99 USD (26,68€ / 3.413,79¥). The...

FF Origins Released In Europe

kula shakerz    2003-03-15    0 comments

Final Fantasy Origins has finally been released in Europe. The game has been optimized so there aren't any long loading times like there was in the PAL version of Final Fantasy Anthology and Final Fantasy VI. Final Fantasy Origins contains both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II on two discs, and comes with Yoshitaka Amano art cards that are exclusive...

FF Origins sweepstakes

sifar    2003-03-09    0 comments

FF Origins' official US site has begun a sweepstakes where you can win great prizes by just submitting your name and email address to them. The Grand Prize winner will recieve FF Origins plus the game's official strategy guide, FF Anthology plus its guide, and FF Chronicles plus its guide. The winner will also recieve a "Think Like Amano" art...