World Map Locations

sifar    2003-03-04, 22:47 pm.

Once you obtain the airship, you can go to the cockpit and ask Cid to locate some areas for you on the world map. Once on the world map, move the cursor while seeing how many coordinates you are moving left, right, up and down. Each time you have reached your desired location, press X (cross) and the computer will tell you if there is a location there or not. Sometimes, you may not get the location your looking for immediately so press X (cross) repeatedly in the area you are looking. Below are some of the coordinates to the hidden loactions.

Baaj Temple: (X Coordinate = 11 ~ 16, Y Coordinate = 57 ~ 63) Here you can obtain Lulu's legendary weapon, and the poweful aeon Anima.

Sanubia Desert: (X Coordinate = 12 ~ 16, Y Coordinate = 41 ~ 45) Here you will find a treasure chest which will have a weapon for Tidus known as the Ascalon. The weapon bears a double AP ability which makes it twice as fast for Tidus to obtain sphere levels for the sphere grid.

Besaid Falls: (X Coordinate = 29 ~ 32, Y Coordinate = 73 ~ 76) Here you will find a treasure chest with Kimahri's Dragoon Lance.

Mi'ihen Ruins: (X Coordinate = 33 ~ 36, Y Coordinate = 55 ~ 60) Here you'll find Rikku's weapon, Sonar, which has two abilities ready for you.

Battle Site: (X Coordinate = 39 ~ 43, Y Coordinate = 56 ~ 60) Go straight ahead from the Save Sphere and you'll obtain Lulu's Phantom Bangle.

Omega Ruins: (X Coordinate = 69 ~ 75, Y Coordinate = 33 ~ 38) A secret area where dangerous fiends live and where you will get the opportunity to fight one of the strongest fiends in Spira.

Airship Passwords

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There are three hidden locations in the game that can only be accessed after inputing passwords in the airship's oscilliofinder, which is the giant spherical object in the cockpit of the ship. These passwords can be figured out by deciphering several Al Bhed messages spread across Spira. But for an easier alternative, just look for them here. Note: All of...

Lightning Dodger

sifar    2003-03-03   

Lightning Dodger is a mini-game in Final Fantasy X that allows you to obtain several items including the Venus Sigil, which is required to unlock Lulu's legendary weapon. The game takes place in the Thunder Plains, where lightning never stops. In order to avoid the lightning, one has to press the X (cross) button when the screen flashes. If this...

Butterfly Catcher

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Butterfly Catcher is a mini-game which takes place in Macalania Woods. The game begins in central Macalania, where you meet a creature who explains how the game works. The purpose of the game is to collect seven blue butterflies before time runs out. While collecting these butterflies, you may run into a few red ones which will force you to...