Hidden Characters

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01 Getting Yuffie:

You can get Yuffie in your party during any disc. If you're in Disc 1 and are riding around in the Buggy, that will work too. The two places that she appears the most often are the forests beyond the Gold Saucer (in the Gongaga Area), and most forests in the Junon Area. After a few battles you'll fight Yuffie. The battle is easy so don't worry about it.

When the battle ends, you'll be in a plain with Yuffie lying nearby. There's also a Save Point there. However, if you touch the Save Point, then save, Yuffie will escape and steal 200 Gil! Don't worry you can meet her again. You'll have to talk to her several times to get her to join you. As she and you converse, she'll ask you several questions, and you can reply in two ways. To get her to join then respond like this:

  • Not interested
  • .....petrified
  • Wait a second!
  • .....That's right
  • .....Let's hurry on

After this she's on you team and you can name her whatever you want.

02 Getting Vincent:

The second hidden character in the game, Vincent can also join your party during any disc. You'll need the gold key from the safe in Nivelheim's SHINRA Mansion. Go down to the cavern leading to Sephiroth's library (it's in the SHINRA Mansion, the entrance is in the stone wall in the eastern wing). Remember the door to the crypt you couldn't get through? You can now enter it. Stand at the foot of the purple coffin and hit "O". The lid will fly off and Vincent will talk to you. Choose the bottom reply when he asks you a question. When the coffin closes, press "O" again. Choose the second (bottom) reply when Vincent poses another question, and you can name him. Then try to leave the cavern and he'll join you.

Chocobo Breeding

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Getting the yellow Chocobo is the easiest part. Just equip a "Chocobo Lure" materia and go to the Chocobo tracks near Gold Saucer or Mideel. Run around on the tracks until you meet a enemy, you're not guarantied to meet a Chocobo so if you meet normal enemies just fight them to earn some EXP. If there's a Chocobo amongst...

Boss Guide (Part 1)

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This guide (part 1) will help you defeat the bosses that you'll encounter on your jounrey in Final Fantasy VII. 01 Guard Scorpion The best method for defeating this boss is to have Barret attacking with his gun and having Cloud using Bolt Magic. However if the scorpions raises its tail do not attack, or it will attack you with...

Boss Guide (Part 2)

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This guide (part 2) will help you defeat the bosses that you'll encounter on your jounrey in Final Fantasy VII. 11 Gi Attack Do not attack this boss with Fire, because it loves it! Use any other magic as well as Summons and Limit Breaks. Ignore the two flames as just go all-out attack on the Gi. When its dead...