Key To Midgar City

kula shakerz    2003-03-14, 13:24 pm.

This can only be done during CD two or three. First talk to the man standing by the doors back at Midgar City. He won't appear until after you have gotten the Highwind and rescued Cloud from Mideel Village.

Talk to him, then return to the excavator's village on the Northern Continent. Chat with the man by the door and pick the first option, then the second option then the third option. While you could place diggers and hunt for the Key yourself, if you want to cheat go over to the destroyed plane atop the dinosaur's skull. See the one excavator near the bottom of the screen? Near him is a tiny peace of of metal sticking outwards; position yourself underneath it and press "up" so that your character is looking forward, then dig. You can use the key to enter the locked gates near Area 7 and look around Midgar City.

Chocobo Breeding

kula shakerz    2003-03-03   

Getting the yellow Chocobo is the easiest part. Just equip a "Chocobo Lure" materia and go to the Chocobo tracks near Gold Saucer or Mideel. Run around on the tracks until you meet a enemy, you're not guarantied to meet a Chocobo so if you meet normal enemies just fight them to earn some EXP. If there's a Chocobo amongst...

Boss Guide (Part 1)

kula shakerz    2003-03-03   

This guide (part 1) will help you defeat the bosses that you'll encounter on your jounrey in Final Fantasy VII. 01 Guard Scorpion The best method for defeating this boss is to have Barret attacking with his gun and having Cloud using Bolt Magic. However if the scorpions raises its tail do not attack, or it will attack you with...

Boss Guide (Part 2)

kula shakerz    2003-03-03   

This guide (part 2) will help you defeat the bosses that you'll encounter on your jounrey in Final Fantasy VII. 11 Gi Attack Do not attack this boss with Fire, because it loves it! Use any other magic as well as Summons and Limit Breaks. Ignore the two flames as just go all-out attack on the Gi. When its dead...