Cactuar Village

kula shakerz    2003-03-22, 16:07 pm.

This can only be done after you have gained control of the Airship. Return to the Sanubia Desert, there is a large rock with a picture of Cactuar on it. Each time you examine the rock, you will receive a clue to help find one of the 10 hidden Cactuars in the desert. After finding each one, you are challenged to a game of "Red Light/Green Light". If you successfully touch the Cactuar before time runs out, you will fight it.

No matter the outcome of the battle you will receive a Sphere bearing the name of the Cactuar. If you loose a game of "Red Light/Green Light" three times, you'll only receive a Sphere "del Prededor".

Return to the rock and place whichever Sphere you obtained in the rock. After doing so you will receive a clue telling you where the next Cactuar is hidden. Here are the locations.

01 - Oasis:

Near the savepoint.

02 - East:

In an alcove to the East, north of the tent with the Save Point.

03 - West:

Search the sign near the Cactuar Rock that says "20% off".

04 - Central:

Near the ruins to the West, look for two Cactuars running around in the desert.

05 - East:

Near the savepoint under the tent.

06 - West:

Located in a treasure chest to the far West part of the desert.

07 - Central:

Inside one of the sand whirlpools. You must exit and re-enter the area.

08 - Oasis:

Teleport back to the airship and go to the deck.

09 - Desert:

Return to the Cactuar Statue and it will appear behind you.

Once you have placed the 9 spheres into the rock, the sandstorm protecting the Cactuar Village will come to a stop. Look around the Cactuar Village and you'll find many special items.

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