Monster Arena

kula shakerz    2003-03-22, 16:18 pm.

The Monster Arena is in the Eastern part of the Calm Lands. The owner sells weapons with the Capture ability. The owner will ask you to capture fiends from all over Spira. You'll get prizes when you return with captured monsters. Some of them are extremely rare. In addition, you can also fight unique creatures that the owner creates from captured fiends.

Capturing Tips: Buy and equip a weapon with the Capture ability to the characters in you party that take the most HP in one blow. This will most likely be Tidus, Auron, Khimari, and Wakka. When you are ready to capture them, just run around in the Cal Land and wait for a battle.

Fighting In The Arena: After capturing fiends you will be able to fight them in the Arena. Doing so you can steal useful items from them or bribe them for rare items!

Airship Passwords

sifar    2003-03-03   

There are three hidden locations in the game that can only be accessed after inputing passwords in the airship's oscilliofinder, which is the giant spherical object in the cockpit of the ship. These passwords can be figured out by deciphering several Al Bhed messages spread across Spira. But for an easier alternative, just look for them here. Note: All of...

Lightning Dodger

sifar    2003-03-03   

Lightning Dodger is a mini-game in Final Fantasy X that allows you to obtain several items including the Venus Sigil, which is required to unlock Lulu's legendary weapon. The game takes place in the Thunder Plains, where lightning never stops. In order to avoid the lightning, one has to press the X (cross) button when the screen flashes. If this...

Butterfly Catcher

sifar    2003-03-03   

Butterfly Catcher is a mini-game which takes place in Macalania Woods. The game begins in central Macalania, where you meet a creature who explains how the game works. The purpose of the game is to collect seven blue butterflies before time runs out. While collecting these butterflies, you may run into a few red ones which will force you to...