Legendary Weapons

kula shakerz    2003-03-23, 15:14 pm.

Each character has a specific legendary weapon (ultimate weapon) that can be useful for fighting some bosses, here we'll show you how to get them all.

Tidus: Caladblog To acquire Tidus's legendary weapon, Caladblog, you must race and defeat the Chocobo Trainer in the Calm Lands. After winning the race, walk to the upper northwest section of the Calm Lands. The guard blocking a narrow pathway down into the gorge will have left his post, allowing you to pass. Tidus will then be able to use the Celestial Mirror to acquire Caladblog.

Yuna: Nirvana To acquire Yuna's legendary weapon, Nirvana, you must capture all nine types of fiends in the Calm Lands region. After collecting them all, return to the Monster Arena owner. He will give you a treasure chest containing the weapon.

Auron: Masamune To acquire Auron's legendary weapon, the Masamune, you must first acquire the Rusty Sword, found on the eastern cliff on the cavern of the Stolen Fayth in the Calm Lands. Take the Rusty Sword to the statue of Lord Mi'ihen on Mushroom Rock Road. Access to this area was previously prevented by Clasko. Place the Rusty Sword before the statue to reveal the glyph. Touch the glyph to reveal the Masamune's secret location.

Wakka: World Champion To acquire Wakka's legendary weapon, World Champion, you must have the Celestial Mirror and talk to the the bartender in the Luca Café. If she refuses to turn over, it's because you have been neglecting to play Blitzball.

Khimari: Spirit Lance To acquire Khimari's legendary weapon, the Spirit Lance, you must activate three of the Quactuar stones on the Thunder Plains. Stand at any stone and press square to see the spirit of a Quactuar released. After activating three stones, find the Quactuar ghost flying just above the ground at the Thunder Plains. Follow it to a small, ruined lightning tower on the right side. Press square to send a bolt of lightning to the tower, revealing a treasure chest containing the weapon.

Lulu: Onion Knight To acquire Lulu's legendary weapon, the Onion Knight, return to Baaj Temple and dive underwater. Swim towards the doors to the north and fight Geosgaeno, search the southern part of the circular underwater area and look for a treasure chest.

Rikku: Godhand To acquire Rikku's legendary weapon, Godhand, you must use the airship password "GODHAND" to reveal a secret location at Mushroom Rock. Move to north to the end of this ravine, and use the Celestial Mirror on the symbol embedded in the rock face.

Airship Passwords

sifar    2003-03-03   

There are three hidden locations in the game that can only be accessed after inputing passwords in the airship's oscilliofinder, which is the giant spherical object in the cockpit of the ship. These passwords can be figured out by deciphering several Al Bhed messages spread across Spira. But for an easier alternative, just look for them here. Note: All of...

Lightning Dodger

sifar    2003-03-03   

Lightning Dodger is a mini-game in Final Fantasy X that allows you to obtain several items including the Venus Sigil, which is required to unlock Lulu's legendary weapon. The game takes place in the Thunder Plains, where lightning never stops. In order to avoid the lightning, one has to press the X (cross) button when the screen flashes. If this...

Butterfly Catcher

sifar    2003-03-03   

Butterfly Catcher is a mini-game which takes place in Macalania Woods. The game begins in central Macalania, where you meet a creature who explains how the game works. The purpose of the game is to collect seven blue butterflies before time runs out. While collecting these butterflies, you may run into a few red ones which will force you to...