Mayor of Midgar's Password

kula shakerz    2014-01-05, 13:08 pm.

You'll meet the mayor of Midgard on the 62nd floor of the Shinra Headquarters and he'll give you his keycard if you can guess his password.

You can keep guessing until you get it right but you'll get an extra reward for getting it right on the first try. To solve this puzzle all you have to do is head to the four libraries located on the same floor.

First you'll have to take a look the panel located outside each door. This will tell you what kind of books you should expect to find inside. Next go in and find the book that doesn't belong. Once you have found it you'll need to look at its number and count to the corresponding letter (not counting spaces). For example if the book is named 10 New plans for urban planning then the letter is O.

Head back to the mayor once you have all four letters. He'll give you a list of six words to choose from so just rearrange your letters until it matches one of them.

If you get it right on the first try you'll get the keycard along with a Elemental materia. On the second try you'll get an Elixir, on the third try you'll get an Ether and on the fourth try you'll get a Potion. If you try more than four times then he'll only give you his keycard.

Note that if you're playing a version of the game that isn't in English or Japanese then the right word is always MAKO.

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