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Brendan    2006-11-03, 23:39 pm.

On the heels of the FF12 release--and while many of us are still recovering from the price tag of the CE and the CE Strategy Guide--is the GBA North American port of Final Fantasy V, due out this coming Tuesday. Despite the clamor that retro-Final Fantasy fans everywhere may be making, the numbers out of Japan after the first few weeks of release hardly compare to the mega-hit Final Fantasy III DS which, last I checked, was losing its crown with an estimated 781,713 units.

Final Fantasy V has reportedly only sold about 157,169 units in Japan.

This version includes four new *classes: Gladiator, Cannoneer, Necromancer, and Prophet, a new 30 floor dungeon, as well as audio and graphical reinforcement. Final Fantasy V has a long and colorful history of, ironically, not being ported to North America until almost seven years after its release in Japan. When we did get it, it came in the form of Final Fantasy Anthology, alongside its successor, Final Fantasy VI

The game has been retranslated for this release on the GBA.

FINAL FANTASY V tells the story of a world divided 1,000 years ago by the power of the crystals, with the events of the game opening thirty years after evil attempted to reclaim the worlds.

View the scan of the cover..

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Final Fantasy V Advance delayed in Europe

kula shakerz    2007-02-26    0 comments

The European release of Final Fantasy V Advance (for the GameBoy Advance) has been moved from the 16th March to April the 13th. No reason was given so I guess all we can do is wait.