She is Bubbles
Brendan    2007-01-30, 21:16 pm.

As we head further into 2007, Tara Strong offered SI a brief and memorable look into her ongoing works and career; arguably one of the most prolific of our time. Tara has contributed to Spirited Away, the Rugrats, Drawn Together, the Powerpuff Girls, and countless others.

SI: Tara, thank you so much for talking to Square Insider today!

TS: My pleasure!

SI: Many Final Fantasy fans know you as the cute and loveable Riku from X and X-2. How do you feel about playing so many varied roles and what do you do to transition from Timmy Turner (Fairly Oddparents) to the more risqué Princess Clara and Toot? (Drawn Together)

TS: I love almost every character I've done and feel blessed to have has such a diverse career. There is no transition from one character to the next. Each on has their own identity, their own traits, hobbies, laughter, etc. I automatically slide into them once I begin each session.

SI: Have there ever been any roles you've gotten and turned down, looking back, that you would have liked to voice? Are there any roles that you currently look upon and wish you could voice?

TS: Luckily I have had no regrets, I would love to do a lead in an animated feature that usually goes to a celebrity, like the female lead in Shrek. I don't know what little girl didn't want to be "The Little Mermaid," so playing her daughter was a dream come true.

SI: With the amazing number of characters you've voiced, which have been the most difficulty, or continue to be the most challenging?

TS: The most challenging are long games like Final Fantasy, or like one I'm doing right now called "Blue Dragon" because they have so many lines and can get tiresome on your voice.

SI: Could you define the difficult or the competitive level of your industry? What have you done to enhance your own talents and keep an edge for yourself?

TS: I just always try to be the absolute best I can be. If that means researching a new accent, or studying singing, I always work on my scripts prior to my auditions. My business is very competitive, so you must be at the top of your game and remain conscientious and grateful

SI: Within your own family, how well known are you for voicing characters like Timmy Turner and Dil Pickles? Do you ever find yourself using those voices outside of the recording studio?

TS: I always do silly voices outside my studios...especially to my little boys. My family is very proud and supportive. My sister Marla knows more about the shows I've done than I do!

SI: With the major surge of animated movies (both traditional and three dimensional) in movie theaters across the world, do you see yourself jumping to the big screen in the future?

TS: I would love too, unfortunately most of those roles go to on camera celebrities.

SI: Are there any characters that you find you particularly relate to for any reason?

TS: I am Bubbles.

SI: As a central part of comedy shows like the Fairly Oddparents and Drawn Together, do you find yourself involved with the scripting process; or trying to make a voice more believable?

TS: We often get to improv or give our input in regards to dialogue or inflection. It's rewarding to be that involved in the creative process.

SI: Ms. Strong, thank you for allowing us to get to know you better!

TS: Thanks for the love! Be sure to check out!

The Official Website of Tara Strong Tara Strong at IMDB

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Vii    2007-11-22, 21:11 pm

Awesome. I am Now A fan knowing that She's done Riku, and more. fantastic!

<Ex>    2009-01-15, 05:27 am

cool :)

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