TGS 07: A Fabula New Impression
Brendan    2007-09-20, 18:30 pm.

In case you've not yet noticed--Square's been blitzing the Tokyo Game Show, currently well underway in Japan. Today, they released trailers for all three of their XIII games. Noticeably absent from the PS3 entrant screenings at the Dread Fortress Azk--I mean, Closed Mega Theater, was any gameplay.

That's right, the trailers were all cinematic. And since I'm personally very lazy, here's the cap of all three straight from IGN:

In addition to the gun wielding heroine we've seen in previous screens and footage, this new trailer revealed a brunette with a bow, some kind of cybernetic female that seemed to be partially comprised of water, and a guy with a cap that rides a motorcycle. As with most Square-produced CG sequences, there were a lot of close-ups on the characters as they smirked knowingly before launching into an attack. Though the video started with the train sequence we've seen a few times now, it eventually revealed a stunning canyon vista where hulking dinosaur-like creatures lumbered in sparkling waters under what appeared to be a planet in the sky dripping ice. The little snippets of gameplay shown featured some fast-paced combat, showing what appeared to be a character turn order sequence in the top left of the screen. Few story details could be gleaned from the trailer, except that it will again involve crystals. But such a notion is already built into the title. No release date was given. The Versus trailer had less of an epic presentation, but was still impressive. It featured the grey-haired main character descending a staircase outside a stately looking building in a dismal metropolis. He was getting shelled by armored guards at the bottom of the steps but deflecting their bullets with some kind of magical shield. Cut between the action sequence where he decisively sliced them all up with his sword were scenes with a white robed sage overseeing some kind of magical device, and a sword-wielding female character dressed in a skirt. Also shown was a male character in a vest armed with a short gun. He and the grey-haired character appeared to be comrades, as they took a car trip together out of the city into a desert wasteland featured near the trailer's end. No gameplay was shown during the demo, but it did flash a line of text, "this is a fantasy based on reality," whatever that means. Again, no release date. For Agito, a CG trailer showed a student at some kind of fantastical school activating a crystal-powered device, which subsequently exploded. The trailer was brief, but it appears to incorporate a large host of students as playable characters.

J3nova    2007-09-20, 18:49 pm

sounds cool but i wanted more of the mysterious weird gameplay of FFXIII

kula shakerz    2007-09-20, 19:38 pm

They better release those trailers soon <.<

→Ne♠Ra←    2007-09-21, 00:16 am

new party members? dammit we need trailers!!!!

sifar    2007-09-21, 09:48 am

hopefully some YouTube handy cam version at least comes out ... asap >.>

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