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Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Strikes a Pose

Brendan    2016-01-09    0 comments

Final Fantasy XIII's stoic heroine, Lightning, has made the jump into the fashion industry again to star as the lead model for Louis Vuitton's Series 4 Spring-Summer 2016 campaign. The character began appearing in video and print media for the new campaign late last month. This isn't the first time that Lightning has crossed medium lines to become a fashion...

Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is coming to the PC

kula shakerz    2014-09-19    2 comments

Square Enix has announced that they are bringing the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy to PC. Final Fantasy XIII is getting released next month, on October 9th and the game will be made available on Steam, the Square Enix Online Store and other digital download services at a price of $15.99. The rest of the series will be released sometime during...

Awesome 16-bit Retrospective of Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2

kula shakerz    2014-01-29    6 comments

Haven't played Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 or need to refresh your memory of what happened in the two games before the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII release? Good news! Square Enix has just released an awesome trailer that recaps the story of both games using 16-bit sprites. Lightning Returns is coming out on February 11th in North...

Retro-Review: Final Fantasy XIII

Brendan    2013-12-24    4 comments

FINAL FANTASY XIII. It’s a game that hardly needs an introduction, even four years after release. It was hotly anticipated. Wildly hyped. And, in the end, deeply controversial. In the thirteenth year of the new millennium, it’s only appropriate that we take undertake a retrospective review of one of the PS3’s most defining games just as Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy...

No Lightning Without Cloud

Xin    2013-07-03    0 comments

The final part of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, Lightning Returns, will be out in the US in early 2014, but that hasn't stopped Square from announcing pre-order bonuses now. All you have to do is reserve a copy of the game, and you'll get a unique costume (one of over 80 available): Cloud Strife's SOLDIER uniform from Final Fantasy...

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announced (UPDATE)

Xin    2011-01-18    17 comments

Speculated on for the last few days, today the announcement made things official - Final Fantasy XIII-2 is real, and it will be here a lot sooner than you might think. Trailer contains FFXIII Ending Spoilers Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase return to helm the project, which features an armor-clad Lightning and a mysterious new male character. The game is...

Final Fantasy XIII For Japanese 360s

Xin    2010-09-08    3 comments

SquareEnix have seemingly decided to punish Japan by finally releasing Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 in the region. Now, the far east shall know the horrors of Vanille's voice actor. Officially titled Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International, the 3 disc set will feature the English vocal track as well as text in English, Japanese and European languages....

Asia Gets Limited Edition FFXIII PS3 Controller

kula shakerz    2010-04-25    0 comments

Need a controller that matches the limited edition Final Fantasy XIII 250GB PlayStation 3 you imported from Japan? All you have to do is jump on a plane to Hong Kong or Taiwan and buy yourself a Final Fantasy XIII special edition DualShock 3 controller.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 On The Way?

kula shakerz    2010-03-14    3 comments

Final Fantasy XIII creators Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama have stated that they'd be very interested in creating a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, though they're waiting to see how well Final Fantasy XIII sells in the West. "In the past three years we worked both on the world and on the various systems," says Kitase. "Creating these systems...

Register FFXIII, Get A Chance At FFXIV On PS3

Xin    2010-03-09    5 comments

Final Fantasy XIII is less than three hours away from it's release here in the US (LOL, West Coast), and with it will come a chance to beta test the next entry in the venerable series. Registering your copy of FFXIII at the SQEX Members Site gives you a chance to be part of the Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Beta....

What FFXIII Looked Like On The PS2

Xin    2010-01-30    2 comments

The Scenario and Battle Ultimania books for Final Fantasy XIII are out in Japan, and among other various things, a few interesting scans have popped up. Most notably, screens featuring the PS2 version of the game. It looks that it may have been an entirely different setting to the game we'll be receiving in March. Link >> Ultimania Scans And...

Thirteenth Means Trailer

Brendan    2010-01-13    7 comments

If you haven't already heard Square is up to shenanigans in the San Francisco area where they're using their twitter account to dispense clues as to the location of a bus where gamers can play Final Fantasy XIII. But for everyone else across North America and Europe—we get a great new trailer featuring Leona Lewis' single 'My Hands'. Regardless of...

Everyone Bought Final Fantasy XIII

Xin    2009-12-24    2 comments

It comes as little surprise that, in one day, Final Fantasy XIII sold just over one million copies. And in the three days that followed, it quickly became the new king of the PS3. Going over the numbers a little closer, in four days, FFXIII has sold 1.5+ million units of it's initial 1.8 million shipment, making it Japan's top...

Final Fantasy XIII Released In Japan

Xin    2009-12-17    4 comments

It's been three years since it's initial reveal, and probably much longer in development, but Final Fantasy XIII has, at long last, been released in Japan. The wait begins now for the rest of the world, as March 09th, 2010 is closer than any other FF title has been released out of Japan, but still seems so far away. Someone...

The Last Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Xin    2009-11-25    3 comments

SquareEnix has released the last trailer (as far as Japan goes) for Final Fantasy XIII, scheduled to release across the Pacific in just about three weeks time, on December 17th. To be completely honest, the first half of the trailer is a mix of old and new scenes. After that, prepare to be smacked in the face by new characters,...