South Koreans Fined for Plagiarism
Brendan    2007-12-10, 17:21 pm.

Square Enix filed a plagiarism suit back in March against Fantom Entertainment, which produced a music video that was visually similar to--hell, it was the church sequence transformed into a dance number, catchy beat and all. Fantom Entertainment and two directors were fined millions of won, and the Square Enix legal pooch growled threateningly at South Koreans as it left the building.

Ivy - Temptation of Sonata

Brendan    2007-12-12, 04:01 am

I updated the article with the link.

danielson85    2007-12-11, 08:25 am

i like it =)

apokos    2007-12-12, 01:45 am

where can I find the link to this "copycat" video?

kula shakerz    2007-12-12, 13:39 pm

They're good if they manage to convince the court that its not a ripoff xD They also used parts from "Fur Elise" but I guess Ludwig van Beethoven doesn't care too much since he' been dead for a couple of centuries :p

apokos    2007-12-14, 02:20 am


I thought it was similiar, but it was identical!!!

and the beat is quite catchy

Reunion Tracks / Advent Children Complete Dated

Brendan    2009-07-16    0 comments

The loyal who have run out and purchased Advent Children Complete will no doubt remember the awesome music found therein. Square Enix will release Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Reunion Tracks on September 16, 2009 almost four years after the soundtrack to the original hit shelves in Japan. Be sure to pre-order yours through an import site like PlayAsia...

ACC Pulls Away with 100K

Brendan    2009-04-21    6 comments

That's right, kids. PG's BRINGING IT. Sources across the net are reporting that Advent Children Complete, the Blu-Ray outing of the Final Fantasy VII DVD sequel sold MASSIVE amounts in Japan after it's first day. How massive, ask the skeptics? In it's first day on the shelves, it is being said, ACC sold 100,000 copies in the land of the...

Advent Children Completes It's Mission

Xin    2009-04-20    0 comments

Originally released in the fall of 2005, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was met with mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Four years later, SquareEnix is giving the movie a director's cut of sorts with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, this time in beautiful HD. "You are my living legacy..." theSTORY. By now, we're all familiar with Advent...