Dragon Quest IX In March '09
Xin    2008-10-01, 10:05 am.

You have no idea how tired I am. I'm in the middle of a 3 day binge of sleepless nights, WipEout HD, and begging for LBP beta keys. But this isn't about any of that.

Somewhere in between all that haziness, it was announced Dragon Quest IX heads to JP Retailers in March 2009. Which I suppose falls into that early 2009 category they were aiming for.

Doesn't something else come out in March '09 from SQEX? Some movie....with a demo for some minor game? Shareholders rejoice in 3,2,1~

V_Translanka    2008-10-01, 15:30 pm

Awesome. I STILL can't wait for DQIX! Looks spectacular...DQIV-VI will do in the meantime, though...

Dragon Quest IX Trailer & Release Date

Xin    2010-06-10    0 comments

Remember way back, in a time we've all forgotten, in the summer of 2009? Nope, neither do I. However, records state that one of the best selling DS titles of all time, Dragon Quest IX, was released in Japan during that era. Luckily for those of us who can't remember that far back, Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry...

Dragon Quest IX: Get Money, Get Paid (Update)

Xin    2009-07-13    4 comments

Seeing as how most of us aren't in Japan, we all missed a gaming release of epic proportions this weekend as Dragon Quest IX is now readily available across the Pacific. But just how much did No.9 sell? 2.3 Million copies. In two days. To put that into perspective, that already beats former Nintendo DS King Pokemon Diamond/Pearl's opening sales,...

Dragon Quest IX Release Delayed

Xin    2009-02-12    3 comments

Are you a Dragon Quest fan? Eagerly anticipating the release of the upcoming ninth entry for Nintendo DS? If so, you will not like this article. Dragon Quest IX has been officially delayed. Originally slated for release in Japan on March 28th, you'll now have to wait until July 11th to get your hands on the soon-to-be hot commodity. Link...