Dissidia TGS 2008 Trailer
Xin    2008-11-13, 03:58 am.

It's that most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas, but a month after Tokyo Game Show, when the trailers finally start edging their ways out in decent quality.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy releases in just over a month in Japan. Today, the game's official site has updated it's character section with profiles for Terra and Kefka, but there's more important news.

Link >> TGS'08 Trailer (Stream) | (YouTube) | (Download)

Click the movie section of the site for the streaming version, Right Click > Save for the download, and just click away for the YouTube version~

Dez    2008-11-13, 05:28 am

Who is it that sephiroth is sparring with at the end? I just see some flashes and then i see Jecht.

Xin    2008-11-13, 05:38 am

Sephiroth is fighting Squall.

Tsukasa1891    2008-11-13, 08:53 am

Another good trailer. Even though I'm not much of a fan for fighting type games, I'll still be picking this one up when it gets it's NA release. To those downloading this, if you can't view flv files you will need a video converter to watch it. You may also want to listing to some music while you download since the file is 82.6 mb, though it was only 36.7 mb after I converted it.

→Ne♠Ra←    2008-11-13, 10:04 am

i cant wait to play as cloud in this another cool trailer~

The FFFanatic    2008-11-13, 18:34 pm

good god, i remember years ago i thought about a game like this (never expecting it to be actually made). Hopefully, it doesn't pull an Ehrgeiz.

abandonnez    2008-11-13, 22:35 pm

Great trailer as always! has me really pumped for the game to be released!

Storm Owl    2008-11-14, 00:15 am

can't wait for this game to come out!!!! :D I mean, I'm not much on fighting games since I suck at them but this one looks to good not to buy anyways ;)

anyone know what kind of battle system this is going to be like?...looks complicated

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