Re:Chain of Memories Out In US
Xin    2008-12-03, 05:58 am.

Yeah, that's right. Re:Chain of Memories is out in the US today. The GBA version was pretty good, and you're getting an upgraded port with this one. Seems like a good idea to pick it up.

All i'm saying is that, SquareEnix wouldn't even give us the full KH2:FM+ release, just Re:CoM. Do we really want to go for this, with titles like Prince of Persia and Persona 4 just around the corner? Really?

Maybe you do, though. In which case it's a bad idea. Buy the other games instead hahahahah~

ryuzaki    2008-12-03, 18:16 pm

I am gonna have to wait since I just preordered Persona 4 >_<

The FFFanatic    2008-12-03, 19:30 pm

It is, however, only $30. Picked up my copy yesterday.

ryuzaki    2008-12-04, 02:15 am

^ thats tru.

abandonnez    2008-12-04, 23:55 pm

I got my copy right after school on the 12/2 it was delivered with the promo art too (:

Abaddon    2008-12-10, 03:08 am

Coolies. I'll pick up a copy when I can.

Re:Chain of Memories Release Date (Update)

Xin    2008-09-19    6 comments

Looking for that perfect Christmas Card for the KH fanboy in your family? Looks like SquareEnix has just what you're looking for, and right in time for the holidays. Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories will be heading to US retailers on December 02nd, 2008 for the decent price of $29.99USD. The PlayStation 2 title has a Teaser Site up now,...

RE: Chain of Memories Headed to North America

kula shakerz    2008-09-13    4 comments

Square-Enix has revealed to managers at this week's Gamestop Manager Conference that they will be releasing the PlayStation 2 remake of the GBA title Kingdom Hears: Chain of Memories in North America. The title was originally bundled in Japan with Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, but will be released in the US as a standalone game with a $29.99 price...

New Scans for Re:Chain of Memories

Brendan    2006-10-03    0 comments

New scans of Re:Chain of Memories, the remake of the same Game Boy Advance title on the Playstation 2, have surfaced in a variety of magazine scans and clippings. There were/are a lot, and since I host images on my own account grumble grumble I had to choose a select few that I thought exemplified the reasons to actually go...