Dragon Quest IX on 3/28; DQX Announced For Wii
Xin    2008-12-10, 05:55 am.

SquareEnix held a Press Conference literally within the last hour or so surrounding none other than it's flagship Japanese franchise: Dragon Quest.

With Nintendo President/CEO Satoru Iwata sitting ringside, It was announced Dragon Quest IX: Defenders of the Sky will launch for Nintendo DS on March 28th, 2009 for ¥5,980JPY($64.73USD).

And then the big announcement: The DQ series is returning home, as Dragon Quest X will launch exclusively for Nintendo's Wii console. No date was announced for the tenth anniversary title, but this is certainly more big news for the ever unstoppable Wii.

[Editor's Note] For these keeping score at home, Sony has now lost exclusivity rights to three of SquareEnix's four biggest franchises, with DQ headed to Nintendo, FFXIII splitting time between PS3 & 360, and SO4 at the very least a Microsoft timed exclusive~

kweh!    2008-12-10, 08:53 am

DQX for the wii? Awesome.

final-bahamut    2008-12-12, 06:12 am

Looks like Sony is no longer SQUENIX priority lately.

C10UD    2009-04-22, 11:29 am

Thank God...please bring more to the wii!

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