Final Dissidia Trailer; FFXII Character Revealed
Xin    2008-12-16, 01:27 am.

SquareEnix released the final trailer for Dissidia: Final Fantasy earlier today on JP television show Game Center CX. Clocking in at just under six minutes, it raises expectations to an all-time high.

Video >> Final Dissidia Trailer

You have to wait until the very end for the FFXII reveal, and it may not be who you think...let's just say this editor was pleasantly surprised by the pick~

kweh!    2008-12-16, 02:32 am

Who is that??? Ashe?

<Ex>    2008-12-16, 04:49 am

oooh that was a good pick. downloading and converting to psp. ~

Xin    2008-12-16, 04:58 am

emailing and reporting to SquareEnix~

Storm Owl    2008-12-16, 18:45 pm

that's fun! Another female who's going to be the FFXII villain?

kweh!    2008-12-16, 22:04 pm

No wait, I think it must be Tomaj.

Xin    2008-12-16, 23:03 pm

Migelo dawg

kweh!    2008-12-16, 23:23 pm

My level 5 Tomaj > your level 99 Migelo.

Ikuzo    2008-12-17, 03:42 am

lol i was watching that show... didnt know it was a rare footage...

The FFFanatic    2008-12-17, 05:36 am

He was easily my favorite character in ffxii. this is great news indeed.

Storm Owl    2008-12-18, 21:31 pm who is the FFXII character? Tomaj?! wasn't he an esper...???

Xin    2008-12-18, 22:22 pm

lol did you even watch the trailer? it should be fairly obvious if you played ff12

Storm Owl    2008-12-19, 03:06 am

lol, yes I did but everything was going so fast at the end that I just couldn't tell who was who anymore :P not to mention that some look-a-like ;)

Xin    2008-12-19, 03:16 am

its judge gabranth. you would think the part in the article that says "the very end" would help @.@

Storm Owl    2008-12-20, 16:32 pm

lol yes but to be very honest, I find that Gabranth, Garland and Golbez (lol all with 'G') kind of the end, I thought they were just reshowing Garland or Golbez :P

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