Crystal Defenders Available On The App Store
kula shakerz    2008-12-30, 20:50 pm.

Square Enix has released their new iPod/iPhone/iPod Touch game titled Crystal Defenders. The game is a strategic "tower defense" game in which the player deploys characters with popular jobs from Final Fantasy Tactics A2, such as Black Mages and Soldiers to fend of attackers and prevent them from stealing the crystal.

There is also a demo version available called "Crystal Defenders Lite" where you can try to stop up to 20 waves of attacks. The game is available on the App Store (iTunes).

kweh!    2008-12-30, 21:18 pm

I'll have to give this a burl, because with my DS and PSP I don't have enough portable games.

kula shakerz    2008-12-30, 21:45 pm

Its actually kinda fun. Just finished the demo and got 4966 points :p

kweh!    2008-12-31, 00:18 am

Just played a bit of the demo. It does seem like it might be fun. I'll have to play around with it a bit more later on. It's a shame that all the elements seem to be lifted straight from FFTA, even the music. It would have been nice to see some new designs and hear some new sounds.

Clash Of Chaos    2009-01-05, 15:57 pm

how much is it?

final-bahamut    2009-01-05, 17:20 pm

Is it apple exclusive? or we can also dload it with Nokia phones?

kula shakerz    2009-01-05, 17:30 pm

@CoC: I think its about $6.50 (converted from the price on the Norwegian store).

@fb: Crystal Defenders is Apple exclusive but the same game under a different name (Crystal Guardians) is also available for cellphones. Probably only in Japan though.

Crystal Defenders Released On The European PSN

kula shakerz    2009-07-24    1 comment

Final Fantasy: Crystal Defenders was released on the European PlayStation Network yesterday and it costs £7.99/€9.99. There is also a demo that lets you defend 20 waves of attacks for those who want to try the game before making a purchase. The game is a strategic "tower defense" game in which the player deploys characters with popular jobs from Final...

Crystal Defenders Headed For The PS3, Wii And Xbox

kula shakerz    2009-01-21    1 comment

The latest issue of Famitsu reveals that the iPhone game Crystal Defenders is headed for all three current generation consoles. The Wii version will be available as a WiiWare title on January the 27th in Japan. The game is probably coming to Europe and North America too since the game has already been localized. There is currently no release dates...